Saturday, September 5, 2009

The last couple of weeks have been very busy with getting ready for classes in Michigan and stitching new models. Thurday I finished stitching the third, and last, of my fall releases. However, I still need to do the directions. I'm anticipating that the new designs will be ready at the end of September.

Next week I'm going to start stitching on Quaker Sampling III which will be available early next year. Quaker Samplings I and II have been so popular that I've decided to add a third sampler to the series. I just picked the thread color--red!! (This is quite a change for me, since the other two samplers are blue.)

The thread for QSIII won't arrive until sometime next week, so this weekend I've decided to work on My Lady's Quaker. This is such a cute little piece that I couldn't resist.

I believe each blog post needs at least one here's a tease from one of my new designs. I love willow trees.


Margaret said...

I love willows too! Can't wait to see your new designs.

MarchAnn58 said...

I saw two great Willows on my way home from breakfast just this morning and was thinking they would look great in cross stitch. Now I see the one you are teasing use with and I love it.

Marianne said...

The willow tree is intriguing! Can't wait to see your new release! Really excited about QSIII and I'm imagining you'll release that at Nashville. Gives us something to think about!