Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sorry that I have been so remiss in updating my blog. I think things will soon be back to "normal", whatever that is.

Thank you for your enthusiasm about the new designs. Your notes mean more to me than you will ever know. Things are looking very good for getting the automatic orders shipped out on either Saturday or Monday.

Tom has worked very hard on the assembly diagrams for My Needle’s Worke Box. He has even amazed me with the ones he created for this project. I think he has 20 assembly diagrams plus a lining layout! (Please don’t let the number of diagrams scare you; it's just that we both agree that the diagrams “speak a thousand words”.)

Many of you are familiar with some of the wonderful diagrams Tom has done in the past. Some needleworkers have even encouraged us to do our own stitch diagram book. (We’ll see about that—it's not in our plans as of now.) We’ve even had other designers ask to buy his diagrams, but Tom says he’s not for sale.

I thought that you might like a glimpse of Tom taken in January with Haiden on the occasion of his first birthday. As you can probably tell in this photo, Tom is as much enamored of Haiden as I am. From the time Haiden was just a few weeks old, Tom started telling him about some of the great adventures he has planned once he is old enough to come spend time with us….fishing, hiking, museums, and even a prune seed spitting contest (more about the latter at a later date).

Well, off to work some more on getting out the automatic shop orders. My automatic shops are noted on the shop page of my website. They’ve all been notified of the new releases and sent supply lists so they’ll be ready when the charts arrive.


Margaret said...

Of course Tom is fond of his grandson! They're so cute together! Thank him for all his efforts with your charts. I looked up my LNS on your website -- and it's there on auto! Yay! (I sort of figured, but I thought I'd check.) I have to ask about that hornbook frame now! :D

Marsha said...

I appreciate good diagrams and directions. Some designers don't even show specialty stitches on their charts - that drives me nuts.

woolwoman said...

Ellen - your new designs are soooo beautiful - congratulations to you and Tom for being always among the best. I've been behind on blog posting and reading but did not want to leave here without commenting on your new designs - much luck and hugs Mel