Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Quaker Sampling I and II by Tommye!

Tommye B. of North Carolina has stitched both Quaker Sampling I and II!

The first photo is of Quaker Sampling I which she stitched for her dear friend, Karen. Tommye stitched her sampler on 40-count Navy Bean linen from Lakeside Linens using Waterlilies silk thread. She stitched it two years ago and can't remember which thread color she used. Although the photo is a bit blurry, I think you'll agree her color choice is wonderful.
Then Tommye stitched Quaker Sampling II for herself. She stitched this sampler also on 40-count Navy Bean linen and used Midnight Waterlilies silk thread.

I asked Tommye if she would share something about her special friendship with Karen. This is what she wrote:

Karen was in a stitch group in my needlework shop in Marietta, GA in the 90's. It started as a Just Nan class. At the end of the third session, another friend said, "What will we do next Thursday night? My husband is used to me being gone now." And our stitch group was born.

After a few years people started moving away. Karen took a job in Arizona in the mid-90’s and even though we haven't seen each other in years, we still feel like next door neighbors. Mainly because we have such a shared passion for needlework. Karen stitched models for my shop. The first one was a dolphin on 14 count navy Aida. She had never stitched on linen. Now she stitches models for Essamplaire, The Silver Lining, and various shops.

Her stitching is so perfect, I used to hesitate (for about 30 seconds) to stitch for her, but I realize she rarely stitches for herself. And stitchers, more than anyone else, appreciate the love and time that goes into a stitched gift. I've often said that if the recipient of the gift doesn't understand what went into choosing the pattern and colors, the time, and the effort in a gift, then they can't possibly understand the value and sentiment of the gift.

I still stitch a birthday gift every year for three friends in that group. Karen is one of them, and they stitch for me. As much as I love the things they stitch, I love the fact that they still want to do it more.

Isn't it fun to see the various color variations stitchers have chosen for these two samplers? All are so wonderful!

Thanks, Tommye, for sharing photos of your lovely work and also of your special friendship with Karen. I'm sure she was greatly touched by your kind gift and that it is a constant reminder of your special friendship.


dixiesamplar said...

What a beautiful sentiment...and even more gorgeous work!

I wonder if her shop is Abecedarius in Marietta, GA...if so, that is one of the most wonderful shops for sampler models!


Terry said...

I have one friend who stitches for me and each piece is a wonderful gift from the heart. Isn't it so true that the shoe makers children have no shoes - that is Karen!! She is blessed to have you for her friend. Terry

Anonymous said...

I used to be a customer of Tommye's when I lived in Marietta. The store was called Cross Stitch Corner. I often think of her when I look around my own store. I think of her events she held when I think of planning my own. She's an inspiration! And what a kind heart! Thanks for posting her work Ellen.

Arachne's Silken Web said...

Very beautiful. It's always a pleasure to stitch something for someone who truly appreciates it.


Vaida said...

I love both samplers, they look good both in variegated red and in blue. I also have these two on my "to-do list", and even the threads are ready :)))).

Thanks for sharing nice pictures of your grandson - what could be nicer than a sweet child!

P.S. I also wanted to let you know, that the charts have arrived safely, I picked them from the post office today.

Tommye said...

Thanks, Ellen, for sharing my story. Just in case anybody else was wondering, I used Waterlilies (12 ply silk) not Watercolours (3 ply cotton similar to PC #5).

And thank you all for your sweet remarks. Terrie, several of my friends in GA talk about the wonderful The Dogwood Patch. And one of my friends here in Oak Island have visited you too!

I have a stitching blog too. Love for you to visit.

Ellen said...

Thanks for the correction, Tommye, about the thread--I'm going to change it in the blog post.

I'm teaching for Terrie in 2010 at her new shop.

Bethany said...


Thank you for your wonderful addition to Ellen's Blog. You and your friends are truly blessed. Special bonds are made through our love of stitching.


Jennifer said...

Very inspiring story!