Monday, January 4, 2010

Laurie shows off her Shaker Pinkeep design

Laurie P of Nebraska recently completed A Shaker Pinkeep. The verse used on this two-sided pinkeep, Hands to Work, Hearts to God, illustrates the strong work ethic of the Shakers as well as their devotion to God.

Laurie wrote, I'm so proud of this, I had to find you on the internet and share with you!

I stitched this as a gift for one of my best friends back home in Indiana. I am just learning how to do other finishes other than having stuff framed, and this was my first attempt other than just plain stuffing at anything like this!

The first shot I took just to get the color of the fabric which got lost in the pics of the finished ornament, but here's my finished work. All materials are as suggested in your pattern, except I cut foam core for the hexagon and used some cording I had on hand for the trim. I hope you like it, too!
Yes, Laurie, I definitely like what you did with this design! You did such a beautiful job with the stitching and assembly. What a cute idea to turn the pinkeep into a hanging ornament. Thank you for sharing the photos. I'm sure that your friend is enjoying her very special gift!


Barb said...

What a nice job Laurie did on the pin keep! Plus, a great idea to meke it into an ornament

Sandy said...

Beautiful needlework here! I prefer Hardanger myself, but we have count, count, count in common!


Karan said...

A very pretty ornie. :0)