Wednesday, January 13, 2010

commemorating a special occasion...

I was recently asked me if I do custom designs. I’m sorry time doesn’t permit me to do any, but I made the following suggestions to the needleworker who inquired specifically about a wedding sampler. Perhaps these ideas are things you might like to consider also. Many of the same ideas would also work well for a birth or anniversary sampler.

Adorn Thy Heart
Below you can first see a photo of the sampler as it appears on the chart cover. I also sticthed the design as a wedding sampler for my son and daughter-in-law as shown in the second photo. You can also create a smaller sampler by omitting some of the bands on the sampler.
When This You See
Leave off the text and perhaps a couple of bands at the top, and put the wedding information there.
Let Virtue Be A Guide to Thee
Leave off the alphabet and verse and put the wedding information in those areas. If you want a smaller sampler, leave off the floral border and just do the area inside the inner border. Another idea is to do the outside borders and the inner border, and put just the wedding information on the inside.
Kind and True
Leave off the verse and put the wedding information in that area. Another idea is to lengthen the sampler by extending the side bands, and put the wedding information at the bottom of the sampler. Family Ties
Leave off the verse and put the wedding information in that area.
Family Record Samplers
Put the last name (surname) of the wedding couple at the top, and then put all their wedding information in the area below that. You can still keep the cartouches on either side and put the surname initial there. Leave off the names of the grandparents. Put the family surname initial at the bottom in the center cartouche.

Let your creative juices flow and see what you can do to create a special commemorative sampler which will surely become a family heirloom!


Patti said...

This is why you are such a great designer! You have a great imagination and can think of stuff like this!
Patti xxx

Norma said...

It just so happens that I began Adorn Thy Heart at the beginning of 2010 as a wedding sampler for my son and his fiance! It's a lovely sampler and I look forward to completing it.