Friday, March 12, 2010

Look at Ellen L's Cherished Workes!

I was delighted to receive these photos from Ellen L. who lives in North Dakota. Ellen and I met years ago--back when we used to go to Sampler Gathering. Wow, what fond memories we have of the classes, tours, and friendships!

Ellen wrote, I just HAVE to tell you that I FINALLY finished "Cherished Workes’"! It’s been on my cutting table for years – 2002 to be exact. Somehow finishing is just not fun to me, but the stitching is heaven! But I followed your explicit directions and all is ‘"well with the world"! It turned out wonderful and now I wonder why I didn’t finish it sooner?

Stitching is my passion but "finishing" is a chore. Think it is because we have spent so many hours stitching our pieces and they can be ruined in the finishing process. The finishing instructions are superb and if you follow the instructions carefully, it all just works out!

It is also a little interesting that we moved after I had purchased the scrim and thought it had been lost. But as with most of us stitchers, it did turn up! Thank goodness! How I wished I had ventured into finishing it sooner. I love this piece! Thank you again for this wonderful design.

sewing case front
sewing case back
sewing case inside with pocket and needlebookenlargement of Ellen's needlebook
an enlargement of the scrimshaw decoration on the pocket
Didn't Ellen do a beautiful job with her stitching and assembly? Ellen, your lining fabric is perfect. Hopefully in the future you won't be daunted by the idea of assembling a project. You have proven that you can do it wonderfully. Thanks for sharing photos of your work.

Cherished Workes was first published in four issues of Fine Lines. I later re-released it as a chart pack, and as it has become one of my most popular charts despite having been previously published. In addition to the sewing case and needlebook shown in Ellen's photos above, a chart to embroider an embellishment for a wooden thread palette is also included.

I want to share a funny story about the sheep on this project. Tom wanted to know what direction a sheep's tail points when his head is pointed down to eat. We tried looking at sheep photos on-line, but that didn't really help. Tom then had the idea that he would use our sheltie, Maggie, to see what would happen with her tail when she pointed her snout down. What you see on the case is what happened.


Nicole said...

Oh, how I love this project. Mine has been a UFO since it was first published in Fine Lines, and I remember it clearly as the first WMN design I ever saw. I believe that I must have made a mistake on one side of the case, possibly stitching an element from the back onto the front, or vice versa, and was too annoyed at the prospect of taking it out to continue work on it. I really have to pull it out again and finish it now. This looks amazing. --Nicole R.

Margaret said...

So lovely! I do love this one! I also love that story about the sheep's tail! lol!

Paula C. said...

Several years ago a friend purchased that chart for me as a gift. At that time I felt it was way out of my realm of capability. I have searched high and low for that and one other chart that she gave to me and I can't find them anywhere. Seeing it again reminded me about that friend. Unfortunately we have also lost track of each other. I think I am going to buy that chart and stitch it. Thanks for the smile =)

Sandra said...

Ellen's Cherished Workes is gorgeous. I hate assembling too, which is why I have tons of stuff to finish, including Maidens, Cherished Workes and Acorn sewing roll, and maybe more!! I've had other things on my mind though recently and I have to be in just the right frame of mind to sit down and assemble.

JoAnn said...

Chuckled over the tale of the sheep's tail. What a fun story. Ellen did indeed do a beautiful job in assembling the stitching. Sometimes the finish work seems overwhelming, but once you start you find the going gets easier and before you know it you have a completed project. Thanks to both Ellen's for sharing. JoAnn

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Hi Ellen, love the new look.

Ellen did a lovely job with Cherished Workes, it is such a nice piece.

Have a great weekend.

Sheila said...

Well done to Ellen.
Like her, I love stitching but am not confident with my finishing...and CW has been patiently waiting for me to pluck up the courage to finish her since 2006!
Maybe now I will have a go.