Sunday, March 7, 2010

my lining fabrics for Mrs. Waddelow's huswif

Several of you have written asking me which fabrics I used for Mrs. Waddelow's Huswif so I decided to post my fabric choices here along with the identifying information I have.

Keep in mind most fabrics only have a single production run which means when they're gone, they're gone. Also as noted below, the last two fabrics are shown before they went through a tan Rit dye. You may not want to mess with that and instead find fabrics which work well without dying.

I suggest that you first choose your five lining fabrics. You'll notice that two of my fabrics have a light background and two have a dark one, plus I have a small checked fabric for the gathered pocket and huswif binding. I think that combination works well. (If you click on the photo below, it will enlarge so you can read the information.)
I recently tried to find more of some of these fabrics knowing that I'm now going to add to Mrs. Waddelow's collection. Some of the fabrics are hard to find.....but try googling and also looking on eBay. I got one of my fabrics there.

Once you have chosen your lining fabrics, then cho0se a linen and overdyed thread color that work nicely with your fabrics.

I hope as you find your fabrics, you'll send me photos of your choices. Let your imagination run wild with your choices. Tom thinks it will be fun to start a photo gallery of Mrs. Waddelow's huswifs.

I leave you with two photos of what I saw this morning when I drove up to church---our minister's rectory lawn had been flocked by 100 pink flamingos!! Since Tom is out of town, I wanted to take some photos so he could see what he missed. Unfortunately these photos taken on my cell phone don't do the spectacle justice.


Sandra said...

Surely those flamingos aren't real, they look too pink :o) I have chosen my fabrics for Mrs Waddelow along with a GAST thread, but now I'm wondering if I should introduce a different colour just to lift it a bit.

Nancy said...

At first I thought the flamingoes were real, but then you're in the North, and their heads are all in the same position! Too funny!

Marian said...

Looks like Baton Rouge's Spanish Town Mardi Gras parade. The flamingo is their symbol!

Ellen said...

Being a native Floridian, I felt right at home with the flamingos.

Turns out the church youth group did this as a fund raiser for a pilgrimage they are doing over the summer. You could donate $10 for the removal of one flamingo, and you could have the flamingo. A $25 donation got rid of 3 which you could have and also buy you insurance against the "flock" ending up in your yard.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful pink sight! I love pink! And what a grand idea for the youth group. Hmm, how can I make that work here at my store? How I would love coming to work every morning with that kind of sight in my grass!

omashee aka Barb said...

Ooh! Love you fabric choices!
The flamingos made me laugh! My best friend's husband put 50 of them in her yard for her 50th birthday. What a sight that was!