Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wow!!! Look at Chi's Petit Sampling Etui!!

How exciting it was to receive these photos from Chi in Japan of her Petit Sampling Etui!! This was a limited-edition collaboration project I designed with my friends Louise (Cherished Stitches), Clara (The Stitching Parlor), and Pam and Susan (Praiseworthy Stitches).
As Chi can tell you, this is quite a project--it has lots and lots of stitching!! Each side of the box is a small sampler which can be framed or made into the etui as Chi did. (The chart directions include the etui assembly directions with photos.)

Chi, you did an incredible job with both the stitching and the assembly!! I hope you enjoyed working on it as much as we did designing and stitching our models. (My model now sites on a table in our family room.)

You may remember seeing some of Chi's beautiful work previously. She has completed Quaker Needlework Treasures, Petit Carnet d'Ouvrages Livre I and II, Quaker Patternbook, Quaker Hornbook, and the Remember Me Sewing Pocket! WOW!! (Just type "Chi" into the Google search engine on the left sidebar of this blog page to see photos of her work.) Chi is now working on My Needle's Worke Box.

I'm certainly looking forward to seeing more photos from Chi of her exquisite work. I bet many of you are also. Not only is she a beautiful needleworker, but she's also very prolific!

Chi, thank you!


Margaret said...

Wow! Gorgeous! This makes me want to pull mine out.

Nancy said...

Wow is right Ellen! This is gorgeous - both stitching and workmanship!

mariaerba said...

wowwwwww beatiful work...
ciao Maria

Mo' said...

it's a dream!!!! wonderful!

Paula C. said...

What a beautiful piece! I'm going to have a look at her other finishes now =)