Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More ramblings...(I wish I could find witty titles like so many of you all do)

I’m sorry to have neglected my blog over the past few days. I think I strained my eyes over the weekend, and I've cut back on my stitching and computer time. I hope to be back to normal soon.

As mentioned in my previous post, last weekend the Queen City Sampler Guild offered a two-day needlelace workshop with Doreen Holmes. This was Doreen’s first time teaching in the US. She is an excellent teacher and does incredible work. If you get a chance, do take a class with her. You can check out some of Darlene’s exquisite pieces here.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see well enough to work on the class project, the Needlelace Pin Keep. You can see a photo of this beautiful piece at the bottom of this page. It was so frustrating to see the beautiful work other guild members were doing. (Right now my eyes are actually sore because of the straining I did in hopes of seeing in class.) My kit is now packed away in hopes that after my eye surgeries I can see well enough to work on the project.

Speaking of my eye surgery, thank you to all who wrote me either through the blog or as emails. It was very nice to learn of your experiences. I am not at all nervous about the actual surgery and will glad when it is over. I have heard that I’ll see better than I ever had. I have to admit that I’m a bit apprehensive about that--the vision in my bad eye at its best was 20-400. I hope that I can “adapt” well to see using both eyes. I’ve also heard that my concept of color will change. I hope that I still like the pieces I’ve designed.

I’m now busy trying to get lots of things done before Monday’s surgery. Earlier today I finished stitching my new hornbook needlebook. I hope you’ll like it. It’s a quick stitch and uses only four overdyed threads. Later in the month, I plan to work on the directions.

This afternoon, I hope to pull the linen and threads for our new grandson’s birth sampler. I'm going to do the Family Record Sampler like I did for his cousin. I can go ahead now and stitch all but his name and birth information. That way, all I’ll need to do after he’s born is to fill in the missing information.

Thank you also to everyone who sent me birthday greetings yesterday. I had a very quiet day. I had hoped to go out, but instead I spent the day waiting for my eye surgeon to call. In the evening, Tom and I went to our favorite local French restaurant. I even splurged with dessert, crème brulee. When we got home, I learned that Tom and our daughter had set up Skype, and we got to talk to (and see) Carolyn and Haiden. This is the first time we’ve done this, and I think we’re now “hooked”. This is so cool!

I’m glad that you all enjoyed seeing the photos in my last post of the two samplers. Someone asked about the linen I’m using on Deborah Walker. I’m using Lakeside Linen’s 36-count Maritime White. It has become one of my favorite colors, and I may use it for my new grandson’s birth sampler….if I have enough. I buy it by the yard.

Well, off to pull the linen and the threads for the birth sampler.


Bertie said...

Ellen, wish you well with your eye surgery and think of you on Monday. Happy belated birthday and hope you ate some cake??

We did a class with Doreen at Ackworth, also the Needlelace pinkeep and it is gorgeous, but I had to pass it on to my niece because it was to complicated for me. Doreen is a wonderful teacher, a bit like you probably :-))

Laurie in Iowa said...

Happy Belated Birthday greetings Ellen. I wish you well with your upcoming eye surgery and fast healing.

Nancy said...

Belated Happy Birthday Ellen! I hope you had a wonderful day!

The class piece is so pretty. Sorry you weren't up to stitching it. Your eyes will be like new after your surgery. Everything will go smooth for you - I just know it.

Take care, and you're not the only one that can't think of a witty title! I can't either!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with your eye surgery, Ellen. I'm sure you'll do fine, & won't it be exciting to see well again! Happy belated birthday, too!

Julie H

Margaret said...

Good luck with your eye surgery, Ellen! And happy belated birthday to you!

Jean said...

Ellen, didn't they give some drops for the inflamation and check the pressure? On all my eye surgeries, I didn't stitch for awhile, I know its hard... Then I started back in little doses.

Take care of yourself it does take time.. for your eye to deal with the trauma not the vision, does that make sense?