Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jenny's Quaker Sampling I (and Texas bound!)

Today's photo is of Jenny Moore's Quaker Sampling I. Jenny stitched her sampler on Lakeside Linens 32-count Light Examplar linen with The Gentle Arts Currant thread. Isn't that a wonderful combination? Your sampler (and framing) look terrific, Jenny!

Jenny wrote, The picture does not due the piece justice whatsoever. Really LOVE the way it stitched up! And I have the colors for the next two picked out already. All I need is more fabric and time!Jenny, I'm very excited to visit you on Monday when I'm in your area. It will be terrific to meet you and see your shop. Perhaps I can take some photos for my blog.

Things are very busy around here with getting ready to leave for San Antonio in a few days. I'll be teaching two classes for a private group on Saturday and Sunday and then spend a few extra days in the area.

On Monday morning, I'm going to Jenny's shop, The Stitcher's Hideaway. Then on Tuesday, I'll head north to Spring to visit Pam at her shop, 3 Stitches. Pam will be hosting an open house from 4:30-6:30pm. If you're in the vicinity either of these days, I hope you'll stop by so that I can have a chance to meet you. I'm planning on bringing previews of my three newest projects.

I know it will be a great trip with the classes, seeing old friends, visiting some shops, and enjoying Tex-Mex food and Texas barbecue. I haven't checked out the Texas weather--I think I'm scared. I was in the area last July, and I remember well the very hot temperatures. I wonder if it will be any different this year. Regardless of the weather, I know it will be a wonderful trip!

I had a follow-up eye doctor appointment yesterday. The good news is that the pressure in my right eye is now back to normal, but my long distance vision in that eye is not where it should be. So instead of only two more weeks using eye drops, I’ll be on them for at least five more weeks. I go back to the eye doctor in five weeks, and hopefully by then my long distance vision will be okay. If not, I’ll have to have another procedure (a very simple one I’m told) and get more eye drops.

I’m anxious to get this behind me since I can’t get my glasses for mid-range and close-up work until my eyes have stabilized. I’m so used to taking stitching with me when I travel, that I’m not sure what I’ll do. Hopefully a new pair of drug store eye glasses can help me. I certainly hope so--I’m very frustrated!! As fellow needleworkers, I’m sure you can understand my frustration.


Laurie in Iowa said...

Enjoy your trip to San Antonio. What a bummer about the eye and being unable to stitch right now.

Margaret said...

Beautiful Quaker piece! I totally understand your frustration on the eye thing. I sure hope it clears up soon so you can get your new glasses. Have fun in San Antonio!

Jean said...

Lovely Quaker Sampling! Ellen enjoy your trip, I guess with the pressure down the headache is better :), I will pray that these five weeks go fast so your frustration eases, I understand. Take care of YOU!

Anonymous said...

3 Stitches is my old LNS. I miss them terribly! Tell them hello from the gal who always brought her two kids who sat at the back table and never moved a muscle. ;) Have fun on your trip!

Nancy said...

Jenny's sampler is beautiful and such a wonderful color of thread! Enjoy teaching in Texas, and travel safe! said...


I absolutely love your L.(Lucy)Haworth Sampler! It is gorgeous! I can't wait to be able to stitch this one!