Saturday, October 2, 2010

Margit's German Quaker Turtles

How exciting it was to receive photos from Margit of her Quaker Turtles! Margit lives in Heidelberg, Germany.

Margit's first two photos give you an idea of how little the turtles are. The stitched pieces are the front and back of the tiniest turtle, which is used as a scissors weight.Next are Margit's turtles all completed! Don't they look quite at home in her basket?Here is an enlargement of two of the turtles--the scissors weight and the pocket. The turtle pocket can hold a thimble, waxer, thread winder, or Margit's scissors.Here is the turtle needlebook.Open up the turtle's shell to reveal a wool needlepage.Here is the turtle pinkeep.And here is another view of the turtle scissors weight.
Margit, you did such a wonderful job with stitching (all over one linen thread) and assembling your turtles! I don't know how you are, but I like to have my turtles out where I can see them--they just make me smile.

Thank you very much, Margit, for sharing photos of your beautiful work. I'm sorry it took me so long to get them posted. I think my blog readers will agree it was certainly worth the wait to see your turtles.

One of the get-well cards I got was of an injured turtle. It is so cute that I wanted to share a photo with you. (Hmm--I wonder if this is what would happen if you forgot to cover the tips of your scissors before putting them in your basket.) Perhaps I'll cut out the turtle and put him in the bottom of my basket with my stitched turtles. Wouldn't that be cute?
Thanks to everyone for your continuing notes. My progress has been amazing. Yesterday Tom and I took a one-mile walk. That may not sound so amazing until you remember that for five weeks I wasn't able to sit, stand, or walk.

I'm so excited to be going out tonight (to somewhere other than to the doctor) for the first time in weeks!!! Tom and I have Playhouse tickets. If I'm up to it, perhaps we'll go out to dinner afterwards. I think my last dinner out was that soft-shell crab dinner that Tom mentioned in an earlier blog post. I'm also looking forward to going back to church tomorrow--it's been six weeks since I've been there. And then on Monday, I'm off to the eye doctor for my post-cataract surgery vision exam. I can hardly wait to get new glasses!!

Things are certainly looking up. I still need to get back my energy. You may remember my mentioning in previous posts that often I wake up at 5:30 or 6:00 am and can get in a couple of hours of stitching before Tom gets up. Today I slept until 8 am--egad!!


Margaret said...

I love Margit's turtles! So cute! Love the injured one too! lol! It's so good to hear you're doing so well, Ellen. Wow, a 1 mile walk! That's fantastic! I hope you enjoy going out to the play and dinner -- you deserve it!

Kelly said...

I love the turtles!! I am happy to hear you are doing so much better. We really take good health for granted.

Nancy said...

Such pretty turtles!

Enjoy your night out and enjoy your walks!

Jules said...

Wow, Margit did a great job! I have that design packet sitting in my stash as a future to do item and hers are inspiring!

Glad to hear you are doing so well, Ellen! Keep up the magnificent progress.

Nelli said...


Margit said...

Thanks for posting my turtles in your blog Ellen! You made me very happy!
I LOVE the little injured turtle. What a sweet idea.
I really hope that you are doing better every single day!!!

Natalia said...

These turtles are adorable !!! What a nice idea Margit had... So glad that you are feeling better !!