Thursday, October 21, 2010


Thank you to all who submitted name suggestions for my new needle hornbook. I've put all of the names on a list so that I can study them. (There were some terrific ones!) I hope to make a decision in a couple of days and will keep you posted.

Did you know that the On-Line Needlework Show opened at 2pm today? The show is a wholesale show which means that needleworkers can't buy, but you can look at all the goodies. If you see something you like, ask your favorite shop to order it for you.

I wrestled with whether I would participate in the show this time. Because of all that has happened over the past few months, I have nothing new. Also my stamina continues to be low. On the other hand I had paid the registration fees many months ago. I was torn between having a booth with nothing new or not having a booth and therefore losing my investment. I decided to go on with the show and just show photos of what will be out soon along with some of my most popular designs.

We hope to have the new designs out in a few weeks to the automatic shops, but please be patient. It is a tremendous job packaging and shipping the orders, and since I'm not 100% it will make longer than normal.

Don't think I ever told you all that a week and a half ago, I finally got my much needed new eyeglasses! I felt like dancing on the rooftop--I can see again to stitch!! Yippee!! Last week I finished Garrett's birth sampler and took it to my framer along with the Sarah Salter sampler (from Sheepish Designs) that I finished months ago.


stitchenmylifeaway said...

So glad you decided to go with the show. I love to surf all the designs old and new. Hope you get back to 110% really soon.

Natalia said...

Good luck with the show, Ellen. You have gone through quite a lot lately. Girl, I thank God for eyeglasses everyday. I don't know what I would do without mine !!!

Karan said...

Thanks for the heads up, had forgotten all about it. Hope it goes well for you. :0)