Friday, November 19, 2010

Linda's special gift for a very dear friend

Linda H. from Guernsey in the Channel Islands made the Ackworth Friendship Book as a gift for her friend Mary's 80th birthday. Mary, who is a member of the Society of Friends, attended Ackworth School in the Yorkshire area of England. I guess who can see why Linda thought the Ackworth Friendship Book would be a very special gift for Mary.

Linda wrote, As I was the only stitcher, only 2 sets of initials appear, plus '80' to commemorate her birthday. I filled some of the gaps left for other initials with additional motifs. The thread is Milady's Teal, as you suggested, the evenweave is cream, instead of maple sugar - I'm not sure, with hindsight that this was the best decision. The fabric I used for the bag and pockets is a William Morris design, which had been reduced in scale for use in Dolls Houses - I think it worked really well and I covered a small button with one of the flower motifs from it. I placed photographs and small mementoes of our friendship in the pockets. My friend was so delighted with it that she was in floods of tears.

I found your charts and the instructions for completing very easy to use. The embroidery took two weeks, stitching in the evenings, and the book was put together in another 3 evenings. I do hope it's rewarding for you to give so much pleasure with your designs to the stitchers and the recipients. I can't wait to start another!

Linda, I love the William Morris mini print you chose for the lining and carrying bag. It is gorgeous!! I need to see if I can find some. I had no idea that there were mini prints available.

Your stitching and assembly are beautifully executed, and I especially like your idea of making a covered button from the bag fabric! So clever and so wonderful!!

I'm very happy that you enjoyed the project so much and that you chose it to celebrated Mary's birthday. Please extend my warm birthday greetings to her.


Catherine said...

Beautiful gift!!!

Laurie in Iowa said...

What a beautiful Token of Friendship.

Sandra said...

What an amazing and very apt gift for a lady who once attended Ackworth, no wonder she was touched. I didn't know you could buy miniature Wm Morris either and I'm a huge WM fan, so will need to find some pretty quick.