Saturday, March 19, 2011

Still playing "catch up"

Today I went to a stitch-in with members of my sampler guild.  Although I have a lot on my plate right now, I decided to take a few hours off and get together with my stitching friends.  It sure was nice to see so many of them. 

Would you believe that there were four of us stitching on I Sigh Not For Beauty?  It is amazing to see the differences between the four samplers because each stitcher has chosen a different linen and threads.  I took some photos of the four samplers side by side and will post the photos in a day or two.    I've asked each stitcher to email me with the name of her linen and threads so I can post that info along with the photos.

Quite some time ago, Dee from the Canton, Ohio area sent me this photo of her ES's Floral Sampler-- another lovely finish, Dee, and the frame you chose so nicely complements your sampler.  Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!  You are truly an inspiration to so many!
When cleaning out old emails, I ran across this photo our daughter took a few weeks ago of Haiden wearing the Batman cape she made him.  He seems quite taken with it, don't you think?


Margaret said...

So cute! That Haiden is going to be a heart breaker. :D I love that finish! I need to stitch that piece for sure!

Joanie said...

Cute picture of "Batman"!
I have that sampler in my stash too and I am stitching I Sigh Not For Beauty with the SAL. I'm a little bit behind but I'll catch up this month. I'm stitching mine on the recommended linen but on 36 count with DMC. I am enjoying the SAL very much!

Nancy said...

Glad you had fun stitching with your friends, and it must have been fun to see the differences in the same sampler. One of the charming things about being hand made!

Haiden makes an adorable Batman!