Saturday, April 23, 2011

Chizue's lovely Mrs. Waddelow's Huswif all the way from Japan!

I'm always excited when I hear from Chizue because I know that she's probably sending me photos of some of her beautiful needlework.  Chizue, who is  from Japan, stitches (and finishes) so many wonderful projects.  Perhaps that is why her name may sound familiar to many of you.

A couple of months ago Chizue sent me photos of Mrs. Waddelow's Huswif.  I must apologize for the delay in posting them--they got buried in a mass of emails.  I'm sorry, Chizue.

Chizue stitched her huswif on 40-count  Lambswool linen using Sister Scarlet  Belle Soie thread from Crescent Colours--a very pretty color combination.  Chizue told me that she is now making a basket with a paper craft band.  I'm looking forward to seeing what she creates.
What a pretty button Chizue chose to keep her huswif closed!

Such pretty fabrics Chizue chose for the inside of her huswif!
(I also really like the fabric under her huswif.)
If you want to see more examples of Chizue's beautiful needlework, check out these earlier blog posts of her  Quaker Needlework Treasures, Remember Me Sewing Pocket, Quaker Hornbook, Quaker Patternbook,  My Needle's Worke Box,  Petit Carnet D'Ouvrages, Livre I and II, and Petit Sampling Etui.  WOW!!!  This is a truly marvelous array of needlework projects!

Thank you, Chizue, for sharing these photos of your beautiful work.  You are truly an inspiration to many of us.  I look forward to seeing your next needlework art.


Laurie in Iowa said...

Chizue's huswif is a real beauty. TFS

♥marylin♥ said...

Very beautiful

Happy Easter

Sandra said...

Gorgeous, such an inspiration to the rest of us to start this project.