Thursday, September 15, 2011

More"eye candy" from Anke (Part 2)

On September 14th, I showed you several of Anke's lovely projects.  She also has completed  Strawberries So Faire.  In fact, Anke stitched the project twice!!

Anke wrote, Had the "Strawberries So Faire" Sewing Rolls stitched there for a while and was waiting for the right satin ribbon. Eventually I used green for the one backstitched with #8 644 and red for the other one -backstitched with a slightly variegated lighter green floss. Both are stitched with "Examplar Spinach Delight" -2 plies because I didn’t like the coverage of a single ply- and "Gandy Tango"HDF silk floss on Summer Khaki Belfast linen. Used the Herringbone stitch for the fruits the way you charted it and love the interest it adds!

Anke continued writing, First time I used Dupioni silk fabric and got a taste for it. (Don’t know whether my wallet will thank you though. Just kidding!)

There is just one thing that had me wondering -the assembly instructions regarding the pocket. They are very precise and clear as how to prepare it, place it and attach its sides. Attaching its bottom end however is never mentioned. Of course the only thing necessary is logical and obvious -sew/ladder stitch it to the lining. Still it had me re-read the instructions several times. -Got my copy of the chart towards the end of 2005, I think.

The cap was where I almost met my Waterloo -the ruched ribbon was a messy scrunched up something quite unlike the illustration in the instructions and even numerous attempts to arrange it on the strawberry later, it still didn’t look right and I was close to conceding defeat. Gradually I came to understand the inner workings and then it was hard not to shout out loud: brilliant, ingenious way to create the caps from ribbon!!! (It's the one at the back that had me excited.)

I’m tickled pink how the sewing rolls turned out. Very special design this one. 

I absolutely enjoy the variety of your designs and your detailed, easy to follow finishing instructions. Thank you!

Important Note from Ellen
Yes, Anke, we goofed on the directions by not telling you to sew down the bottom edge of the pocket.  Yikes!!  We corrected the charts October 2005 once we learned of the omission.    If you bought the chart before the correction was made, you can find it at  Please accept our apologies for our faux pas.

Thank you very much, Anke, for all your photos and your note.  I'm very happy  you persevered with your ribbon strawberry caps and are happy with your results.  You should be!  You did a lovely job!  Also thank you for your kind words about my designs and our detailed assembly instructions. 

I hope to see your completed Acorn Sampler Sewing Case sometime in the not too distant future.


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MoonBeam said...

Wow...I thought yesterday's post was great. The strawberry pieces are beautiful. Nice designs nicely stitched.


Sandra said...

Really lovely, I've had this project stitched for years now but just haven't plucked up the courage to start assembling.

Marilyn said...

Wow, they're GORGEOUS!
Greta job Anke.

Patty C. said...

Lovely work :)

Mamilou said...

J'adore ce petit étui, de très belles finitions !!!
Chantal ou Mamilou