Sunday, October 23, 2011

More needlework from the Palace of Versailles

Here are some more photos showing some of the needlework we saw at the Palace of Versailles.

First are photos of several chairs and also close-up views.

Next are some images from the King's Bedchamber.  I decided not to crop the first photo so you could get a better view not only of the room but also of the crowds that were at Versailles the same day we were.

Then it was off to the Queen's Bedchamber.  It was absolutely beautiful!!  I guess others thought so too because this room and the famous Hall of Mirrors were packed. In fact, I told Tom I could understand how someone could be trampled by a crowd.  It really was that bad.  However, we waited very, very patiently until we could work ourselves up to the front for a good view, and then worked our way across the room.  It was certainly worth it as these photos show you.

Yes, this sofa was covered with plastic to protect it from further deterioration.

The Palace of Versailles is incredibly beautiful.  We took many more photos, but the ones I've shown you are of some of the needlework.  

There were other buildings on the palace grounds, but we decided to save them for a future visit, hopefully when it's not as crowded as it was this time. 

I leave you now with two photos of the exterior of the Palace of Versailles. 


Margaret said...

Thank you for the tour, Ellen. Such beautiful work there! I really enjoyed browsing through the official website too. Having read so many books set in and around Versailles and that time period, I really enjoyed looking at the actual place. It must have been thrilling for you to visit!

Barb said...

I'm really enjoying your trip. Thanks so much for sharing those amazing pictures.

The Inspired Stitcher said...

I'm enjoying your pictures very much. I can't imagine sitting on that beautiful stitching! Amazing!

Kelly said...

Your trip is amazing. I know they hired people to do all that needlework but just the thought of putting the first stitch in a bedspread or a curtain is daunting. At my pace we are talking more than one lifetime. Thanks for sharing your trip. It brings back good memories.

Jean said...

Breath takening, I have never made it to France, thanks for sharing

Beautiful Paris said...

It's a good article actually expected more from you