Friday, November 11, 2011

More turtle fun!!

What a treat it was to receive these photos from Texan Barbara M!

Barbara wrote that she and her friends had a Quaker Turtles finishing class recently.  Here are two of the completed sets.  She hopes to send photos of more turtles soon .

The green version was stitched using Weeks Dye Works Juniper thread and wool on 32-count Olive Green linen from Zweigart.  The pink turtles were stitched  using Weeks Dye Works Bubble Gum thread and wool on 30-count 18th Century Sugar Plum from R & R.  Barbara described the two sets of turtles as  Just too yummy.

Speaking of yummy, look at the other photo Barbara sent me.  Aren't these cookies cute?  They make me smile just looking at them.  Barbara said that one of her friends brought these special cookies for the class attendees to enjoy.  Some folks are just so clever!  It sounds like Barbara and her friends had a fun time with their turtles.

Barbara, please thank the two ladies (I don't know if you are one of them)  for letting me show photos of their assembled turtles. They look so adorable, and what a great job the ladies did!   

I'm certainly looking forward to seeing more turtles as your friends finish them.


Laurie in Iowa said...

Both the stitched turtles and the edible turtles are delightful.

MoonBeam said...

Pink turtles? Why not?! Fun.

diamondc said...

What a hoot pink turtles, I love them all.

*St├ęph* said...