Sunday, January 8, 2012

Settling back in...

We are now settling back into a routine around here, although you may not have thought so from my few blog posts. I hope to start doing better soon.

Among other things, I'm very happy to have returned to stitching after having not done any for five weeks (yes, you read that right!) in November and December. In fact, I've stitched some each of the past 16 days. Boy does that feel good! My goal is not to miss any days of stitching during 2012, but we'll see now that goes. Sometimes travel is not very conducive to stitching between being busy and having poor lighting. (I've become pretty dependent upon my Dazor magnifying light.)

I'm now almost finished stitching Ann Rayner from Threads Through Time, and with any luck I can show you a photo in a week or so. I actually started stitching on Ann back in April. Unfortunately, with all our travels and family issues, my progress had been very, very slow. Ann has been a well-traveled sampler having gone with me to England and France and also on our many trips to Florida. Poor Ann never saw the light of day in France, and on our last trip to Florida (22 days) she never came out of my stitching bag. She probably thought she had been abandoned for good.

Yesterday a moving company delivered five pieces of furniture and three boxes from my father's home. (You may remember that we had already brought back a carload mainly of irreplaceable items such as photographs.) Today I've managed to unpack two of the boxes, but the third one (which is quite large) is still in the garage with the furniture. That box was supposed to go to my brother in New York, so tomorrow we will arrange to have it picked up. We still need to decide where in the house that the furniture will go. All the pieces we inherited have been in the family for several generations, which makes them very special. However, we need to make room for them by removing others.

They say that every family needs a "keeper" who will take care of family items and history. My poor children--I think both my parents instilled that passion in me. Over the years my mother would tell me (and have me write down) the family history of items. Both of my parents also gave me papers with family history. When our lives calm down some more, I need to go through those papers again, and also the containers of old photos I brought back with me from Orlando. I really want to get things organized. The reason I earlier said 'my poor children' is because I couldn't throw away anything that had any family connection. Perhaps some of you are that way also.

In addition to all the photos and papers I brought back from Orlando, I also brought back a bellpull my mother made. Although my mother did various forms of needlework during her lifetime, I think she cross stitched only two things—a stamped cross stitched sampler she made when she was 13 years old and the bellpull. She had it hanging in her home for quite a few years. When Daddy downsized after her death, he kept the bellpull. On my first visit to his new apartment, I was puzzled when looking at the piece.

Then I realized what had happened. The person who had hung everything on his walls, had hung the bellpull upside down. For months, no one had noticed.  Doesn't this look better?

I'm thrilled that today both of Mother's cross stitched pieces hang in our home—her sampler is in our bedroom and her bellpull in our living room. What treasures!! I need to jot down the family history of the pieces for our children.

I leave you with some Christmas photos.  The first two are from Christmas morning in Fort Wayne with Stephen, Michelle, and Garrett.  Garrett is now 15 months old and is very, very active!!

Then last Sunday (New Years Day) we went to Columbus (Ohio) to celebrate Christmas with Carolyn, Greg, and Haiden who is nearly 4 years old.

A good time was had by all!!


Margaret said...

I'm glad you're settling back in and are able to stitch again. It's so nice that your family has the tradition of writing family connections to items down. That is a precious thing. We don't do that enough in our family at all. I saw what was wrong with your mom's bell pull right away! lol! Of course I might have just been puzzled also if you hadn't said anything. :D Great pics of the grandkids. They're both getting so big!

Barb said...

The bell pull is so lovely(now that it's right side up) . The only piece my Mom did is a stamped cross stitch of the Raleigh Tavern in Williamsburg. It is very special to me. The boys are both so cute! It looks like you had a nice time with them.

Robin said...

Such nice memories associated with your family pieces both the stitched and furnishings. I still have my first stamped piece I did for my father. The bell pull is much better right side up! Too funny. Had to be a non-stitcher who hung it. I think I will take you lead and make 2012 the year I don't miss a day of stitching. Can you imagine how much we will finish!?

Laurie in Iowa said...

I'm glad things are getting back to normal for you and that you've been able to do at least some stitching for the past couple of weeks.
Hope you find the perfect sport for the furniture heirlooms.

Nela said...

Hola Ellen... me alegro mucho saber de ti;;; ahhh y has abierto mi curiosidad, ya deseo ver que nos vas a mostrar... si supieras, mis padres tiene un juego de comedor de viena que era de tercera mano cuando ellos lo recibieron, y yo le he pedido a ellos que es lo unico que quiero que me quede cuando mueran, ya el juego de viena tiene mas de 120 años, y aunque no va con el estilo de mi casa. no deseo que pase al olvido, asi que este donde este, yo voy a consseguirle un espacio en mi casa... Saludos.. y besos... y feliz año

jhm said...

THere is a national genealogy conference in CIncy in May. Perhaps you ought to look at attending. OR simply go to the downtown library and talk to a genealogist there. They can help youwith some organization of the family history and recommend others with item history.

I'll be in Cincy in May.

Lots of work ahead - but the good kind.


Nancy said...

The bellpull your mother stitched is very pretty. I think it is so sweet that your father kept this, and I know it is a treasure to you. Wonderful Christmas photos. Take care Ellen!

woolwoman said...

Glad you are finally coming up for air Ellen - I have been worried about you but knew you were busy with the holidays and trying to rest up from your trying times this fall. Love the bell pull - it's so lovely and what a treasure trove of items you inherited from your dear parents. Hugs Mel

Jean said...

Glad to hear you are coming back to your old routine, and stitching again (it does feel good doesnt it)You are making better progress than I am going through "parent things" and "in-law" things, maybe your progress will push me along. The Bell Pull is so lovely, I know special it is as connection to through the generations (I have my mothers and grandmothers)

Sherry :o) said...

What cool pics of the kiddos...nothing like children at Christmas - mine is now 18, not as much fun when you have to wake them up Christmas morning. I love the bell pull - upside down...made me laugh.

I am so glad you are getting back to your normal routine - stitching sure soothes the soul for me!

tintocktap said...

LOL! The same thing happened to a bell-pull I made my Mum!