Friday, March 30, 2012

A productive (??) week

Wow, it's Friday afternoon!  Almost time for the weekend!

Thank you to all who wrote me about this rampant copyright infringement problem. Thanks to the efforts of a group of needleworkers we have been able to track down a couple of the copyright infringers.  Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

I've had a pretty productive week although I'm afraid way too much time was spent dealing with those nasty needlework pirates. I liken their stealing (or as they call it "sharing") to my going into a restaurant with a large group of friends and ordering one drink for myself knowing the restaurant offers free refills. Then I could let everyone in my group drink out of my glass so they won't have to pay the restaurant. I could then make them pay me for the drink, not the restaurant owner....tee hee, what is sharing among friends?  Who cares if the restaurant owner goes broke if enough of us do that?  We're just "sharing" so it must be okay, right?

Much to my surprise, and my delight, a couple of my readers mentioned my blog post on their own blogs. Thank you!  We definitely need to spread the word.  I've been wondering if perhaps we could pick a day that everyone in the needlework world (designers, shop owners, distributors, suppliers, and needleworkers) would mention the copyright problem on their blogs, websites, message boards, Facebook pages, etc.    That would certainly make a statement. 

On a positive note, things are pretty well lined up for teaching in Delaware in a couple of weeks. I'm just waiting for the linen to arrive. Also this week I've been lining up things for the premier of my new class, A Lady's Worke Box, in May. I've just finished putting together my class presentation on powerpoint. The charts have been reviewed and edited and are ready to be printed. The thread cards are printed and just need to be cut out and holes punched. Hanks and hanks of luscious silk thread arrived today so I guess I have my work cut out for me.

The other good news is that some shops are already selling out of the two newest designs and are placing re-orders.  Thank you for your enthusiasm.

After a busy week, I'm looking forward to spending some time this weekend stitching.  How about you?   I just hope I don't see any frogs.

Don't laugh, I brought this frog back from Florida when we cleaned out my father's place. Thanks to a battery, he makes noises when you he senses movement near him.  My family thought that our youngest grandson would enjoy him.  As crazy as it sounds, the frog now resides in our family room, but I have "silenced" him.  I think he needs a name.  Any ideas?  If you remember, I named my other frog Freida.  Here she is in our family room before I moved her upstairs to my office.

Enjoy your weekend!!


krayolakris said...

Hi Ellen, happy to read that you made some inroads into the copyright violation issue. It's very disheartening to think that stitchers would do that.
My parents visited a retirement community in AZ in which almost every house had the motion-sensor frogs near the sidewalk! My suggestion for a name is Filbert...don't know why, he just looks like he would answer to that.

Mouse said...

glad you have managed to get to the tip and hopefully things will improve as the word spreads ... will do a wee bit on my blog too when I up date as well :)
and awww he is really cute and love the name filbert from the lady above as well :)
love mouse xxxxx

Charlene ♥ NC said...

Well, I do like Filbert, but my first thought was Freida's cousin Freddie!

Deb said...

Hope about Fiona since the frog has a pink shirt! I'll bet that your grandson will love it!

queenstownsamplerdesigns said...

I opened the dictionary and the first word on the page was "flap-doodle".
It means nonsense; bosh. You could shorten it to Flappe.