Monday, May 21, 2012

Everything was just "ducky" in Dover

This past weekend I returned to teach a class for the annual Inn Stitches Spring Fling.  Although the location was different this year, there was still the same zany group of wonderful stitchers.  To me, teaching for Kim's Spring Fling felt like a homecoming because everyone in attendance had previously been to at least one other of my classes.  Most had been to even more.

I thought you would enjoy seeing some photos of our fun time together.

Well, this is what I encountered on Friday night.  Crazy Merry!   You never know what she will say or do next.  What a delight Merry is!

On Friday night, Merry taught us how to make cute little boxes using 22 playing cards.  Then there was time for catching up with old friends and stitching.

Of course, they first all wanted to see in person the class piece they would be stitching on Saturday and Sunday.

Then there was time for Show and Tell.  Pat A. brought three pieces to show--A Petite Sampling Etui, A Needleworker's Sampler Huswif (a class project), and A Quaker Hornbook.  I have known Pat for a very long time, and she is a beautiful stitcher and finisher.  This was Pat's first time to attend Spring Fling, but I think she'll be back.

Next is Dee L. with her beautiful needlework and smile.  Dee brought her Miss Trenner's Needlework Academy, a Quaker Patternbook, and her Fruit of the Vine Sampler Huswif that I taught two years ago at Spring Fling.

Here, Dee is showing her Miss Trenner's Needlework Academy to Pat.

And last, here I am with Linda Z. and some of her wonderful work.  Linda decided to frame her Fruit of the Vine project.

Since Linda had the dupioni silk and other finishing supplies in her class kit, she decided to make her own version of the huswif.  Here you can see the inside of the case.  I neglected to get a photo of the outside of the case on which Linda put her large mattress-style pincushion.  What a very creative idea, Linda!

On Friday night, Linda stitched on Call of the Sea, my very first teaching piece.  She is nearly finished, so I think we'll be seeing some photos of the completed project soon.

Linda also brought some of her yellow duckies to keep her company.  I'm not sure how the yellow duckies came to be associated with Spring Fling, but I can tell you that they seem to be multiplying faster than rabbits.

Linda's name may also sound familiar to you because I've shown quite a few of her finished pieces in previous blog posts.  Besides stitching many of my retail projects, Linda has taken all the classes for all of my teaching projects, and she has also completed almost all of them.

In my next blog post I'll show you some photos from our class, our tea, and our visit to the Warther Museum.


Margaret said...

Looks like a fun time! It's always so great to see all the beautiful finished pieces the attendees bring!

Deb said...

It looks like a wonderful time and all the pictures are just fill of wonderful eye candy. Such beautiful pieces.

woolwoman said...

beautiful WMN finishes by a talented group of stitchers. I am pea green with envy that they got to take the Lady's Workboxe class. It is so beautiful Ellen
Glad you had a great time - mel