Friday, June 29, 2012

Dee's Beautiful Worke Box!

What a treat I have for you today!  Dee L. who lives in Ohio sent me photos of her completed A Lady's Worke Box.  Dee was at the premier of this new class piece in May.  I believe she is the first one to have completed the box and all the needlework accessories.  BRAVO, Dee!!

This photo shows Dee's box, opened, along with theembroidered inside of the box lid, the three-sided scissors weight, the hornbook threadholder, the needlebook, and the pincushion.  Also included in the class kit were a small wooden ruler, two threadwinders, and a small notebook.

Dee wrote, It is a beautiful design that anyone would enjoy stitching with lots of fun stitches. Your designs are so much fun with not one moment of frustration due to your charts and directions. If anyone has the opportunity to take the class - DO IT!!!!  Please keep designing!!!!

Thank you very much, Dee, for your very kind words.  You have truly warmed my heart.  I always enjoy seeing photos of your beautiful work.  You are such a talented needleworker and so prolific also.  I  know when you are in class that I'll soon be seeing photos of your finished project.  Yours is the first completed  A Lady's Worke Box I've seen.  Thank you!

Many of you may recognize Dee's name from past blog posts.  She is one of the most prolific stitchers of my designs, so I have shown her beautiful workmanship before.  In addition to retail charts, Dee has been in all but one of my classes.  I wonder what we'll see from her next--perhaps A Quaker Needlework Box?

This will be a very hot weekend here in the mid-west with temperatures hovering around 100 degrees.  I know that many of you too will be experiencing  the same very hot weather.  Take care, and try to stay cool.  Our thoughts and prayers are with those who are in the fire ravaged areas.  The devastation is mind-boggling!!  What a shame that we couldn't have diverted all that rain in Florida to Colorado!


Margaret said...

Wow wow wow!! Absolutely gorgeous!!

Annette-California said...

Super Spectacular! All the pieces look Beautifully finished. You did an incredible job Dee - BRAVO!!!
Ellen you must feel so happy and proud when you get to see someone else stitch your designs. And to see such a collection of ALL these pieces finished - Amazing!
love Annette

Barb said...

Dee's work is just lovely!Be sure to stay cool. I heard on our weather that they cancelled the races at Churchill Downs. All the years we were in Louisville, I never heard of that.

woolwoman said...

Gorgeous finish - congrats to Dee and to you Ellen for your lovely design. I hope I get to the opportunity to take this class. We escaped any damage from Debby at our home but many in NE FL were ravaged by rising waters that had broken 100 year records and other flooding tributaries. Now we are beset with record temps - what next? Oh gees I won't say that - I hope everyone stays out of the heat this weekend and enjoys some happy stitches. Mel

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

Oh I love the beautiful stitching !! bisous from FRANCE