Friday, July 27, 2012

She's On A Roll!!

Remember Denette, who recently finished her A Lady's Worke Box class project?  Well, she's just completed another class piece.  This time it's Call of the Sea.  Denette's original plan was to finish Call of the Sea while at the beach on vacation.  However, she must have been "on a roll", because she couldn't resist finishing the stitching and the assembly of this class piece before her vacation.

The wooden fish threadwinder which is included in the class kit was made by a Massachusetts craftsman.  It is made from zebra wood .

Denette wrote, Well, I just finished "Call of the Sea".  It was another  fun project. I cannot believe that I was so uneasy about starting this one. It was a fun stitching project and one that has a couple of special meanings. This was my first Ellen teaching project. After that I was hooked on your patterns! Plus it will remind me of our trip to the beach this summer even though I completed it before we even went. How funny is that???

I guess I better get busy on my next Ellen project. Once again, thank you for making it so simple to enjoy stitching and finishing a project.

Wow, Denette.  You've certainly been "on a roll" these past couple of months.  Your Call of the Sea sewing case looks beautiful!  Just think--now instead of stitching on it while on your beach vacation, you can take it with you to use as you work on other projects.  Do you think that your family will be impressed that your sewing case is coordinated with the location of your vacation?  I'm looking forward to seeing what project you do next.

Call of the Sea  is a teaching project and is not available retail.


Poussy Stitches My Love said...

Oh very beautiful my dear !!!

amitiés de FRANCE

Annette-California said...

I love Call of the Sea. Denette did a beautiful job and I love it. Wow! So this is only a class? I'm in California:( No Ellen classes that I know of.