Saturday, June 6, 2009

I hope you're having an enjoyable weekend! It has been a lovely one here.

Today Tom and I drove to Richmond, Indiana for an antiques show. I had heard for years how nice this one is, but had never been before. I couldn't believe all the samplers we saw! I didn't buy any, but want to share a story with you.

The tag on one of the samplers said it had 3 spiders and 2 beavers on it. After talking to the seller and finding out he knew nothing about samplers, I told him I believed that what he called spiders were honeysuckles, and that his beavers were really squirrels with very large tails. I wish I had asked him if I could take a photo to share with you. Anyway, the man seemed most appreciative and said he was going to change his tag.

Does this photo of a honeysuckle look like a spider to you? This particular honeysuckle flower is on one of my teaching pieces and resembles the ones we saw today.

I am really enjoying getting photos from so many of you. Please keep them coming. Here are some photos I received this week.

The first photos are of Maria's Flowers for Lily. Maria is from Italy. Didn't she do a lovely job with the stitching and finishing?

Maria wrote that she and and two friends are now working on Quaker Schoolgirl Needle Necessities. Maria, I'm looking forward to seeing your photos when the three of you finish your new project. Enjoy!

Donna Granger from Berkeley, California was inspired to stitch Eliza's Pyn Pillow after seeing the completed ones in my blog post from May 19, 2009. Donna wrote that she likes to stitch using materials in her stash. She used Silk and Colors lavender honey thread. Another lovely job, Donna.

The chart for this little design is at my website under Complimentary Designs.


Anonymous said...

In reference to the sampler with the spiders, I honestly can say that it doesn't suprise me that someone, especially a man, that knows nothing about needlework, samplers or flowers might interpert this to be a spider. I can however understand that he might think it is a spider.
An even funnier story is that of a fellow guild member of mine that was working on an Ackworth piece that thought that the center medallion looked liked a squirrel and not a swan. She had the piece almost finished and brought it to a guild meeting to show and tell and stated that she like the entire piece except the squirrel in the center. We all started to giggle and she saw the "squirrel" in a whole new light. She has a great sense of humor as do we all. Needless to say she loved the piece more when it was a swan than a squirrel. To this day however we don't let her get by with it, every now and then the reference to the "Squirrel" still comes up. I can't wait to share this one with the guild at the next meeting. It was good of you to enlighten the man, Ellen.

mariaerba said...

Ellen thanks, are a true honor…. Hugs, Maria

Anonymous said...

Lovely pieces!!!!

Karoline said...

Definitely honeysuckle not a spider!

Patti said...

Ellen, Hi and I hope you are well. The honeysuckle looks just like .................... a honeysuckle flower. I love Maria's stitching of Lily - I must buy that one so I can stitch it for when my Lily becomes older and will appreciate it. I love your charts with a total vengeance but then again you know that. Lots of Love Patti xxx

Mo' said...

Maria is a great stitcher and a very nice person!
this work looks great!!!

Grazia said...

Yes, you're right!
Maria did a lovely job! :)