Monday, June 8, 2009

Quaker Samplings by Nancy, Melissa, and Tracy

The package for Quaker Samplings contains two different samplers, Quaker Sampling I and Quaker Sampling II. Today, I have photos of one of the samplers, Quaker Sampling I.

The first photo is from Nancy Norris. Don't you love the thread color she chose and also the exquisite frame?

The next sampler was worked by Melissa M. of Anaheim, California.

Melissa stitched her sampler on 32-count Cameo Lugana from Silkweaver using Tennessee Red Clay thread from Crescent Colors. Melissa, what a lovely sampler! I hope you will let me see it in person in a few weeks when I'm in California for classes.

Next look at what Tracy Jenkins from Phoenix, Arizona did with the design!

Tracy wrote, "I stitched this in June of 2008 and crafted it into this quilted pillow case myself using fabric pieces purchased at Joann Fabrics. The pillow size is 16 inches wide by 11 inches tall. The design size is approximately 7-1/2 inches square. I stitched this with 2 threads of Crescent Colors Wavy Navy, DMC 930, 931, and 932. I also used some of The Gentle Art Simply Shaker thread in the color Freedom. I stitched it on 28 or 32 count star sapphire jobelyn over 2 threads."

Don't you love Tracy's very creative idea for finishing this project?
Tracy, your thread and pillow fabric choices are beautiful!! (As you may have noticed from many of my designs, I am partial to blue.) You did a beautiful job with both your stitching and assembly!

Quaker Samplings I
and II have proven to be so popular that I am wondering if I should design a companion piece, Quaker Samplings III.


karenv said...

I would love to see a Quaker Samplings III Ellen! I've stitched up I and II and really enjoyed them. You can see my pictures of I here:

and II here:

The finishes you have shown here are really pretty.

With My Needle said...


I'd love for you to email me the photos to put in a blog post. Details are in the side bar.

Anonymous said...

I love Nancy and Melissa's rendition and the frames are great too.

Thank you for sharing my piece on your blog, this is a privilege.

The Daily Mel said...

I absolutely think we need a Quaker Samplings III, Ellen! I will definitely let you see my Quaker Samplings I when we see each other in a couple of weeks when you are here in California. It's on loan to the shop right now, so it's already there. :)


Fran├žoise said...


Anonymous said...

HB Ellen - Was going to send you an email yesterday but as I get older I kinda forget things. LOL Any way, HB to you.

Brenda Newman

With My Needle said...

Quaker Samplings III is planned for a fall release. It will be approximately 21 inches wide x 6-1/2 high if stitched on 36-count linen.

Brenda, So nice to hear from you. It has been a long time. Thank you for the birthday greetings.