Saturday, June 20, 2009

On Sunday many of us will celebrate Father's Day.

I found this link to a wonderful article all about Father's Day. I learned that Father's Day is celebrated on different days depending on where you live. However, the 3rd Sunday in June seems to be the most popular date.

Tom and I will be spending the day with our son and daughter-in-law and her parents at a park at Indian Lake in central Ohio. Stephen and Michelle came up with this idea a couple of years ago--a perfect way for both of them to spend the day with their own father.

Later in the day, Tom and I will call our own fathers. Both of them live in Florida where we grew up.

Below are two of my favorite fairly recent photos of my father. The photos were taken last September when we met our daughter in Florida so that she could introduce Haiden to his great-grandparents.

I am also including a photo of my When This You See sampler because it honors our families. The first set of initials are from my family--my father, my mother, me, and my younger sister and brother. The second set of initials are from Tom's family--his father, his mother, Tom, and his younger brother.

The image has some old family photos around it. At the top is my father holding me on the day I was baptized, my father-in-law as a lad, and my mother when she graduated from college, I think. Along the bottom is my grandmother holding my mother, Tom's great-grandfather, Tom's mother as a girl, and my paternal grandfather taking a photo at my parents' wedding.

Unfortunately the previous photo doesn't really show the sampler very well, so here's another glimpse of it.


Margaret said...

Enjoy Father's Day with your family, Ellen! Another lovely piece that I want to stitch someday!

fataltimone said...

ho appena scoperto l'esistenza di questo blog!
io sto ricamando il QUAKER SCHOOLGIRL NEEDLE NECESSITIES e ho in programma di fare anche il FLOWERS FOR LILY.. ti manderĂ² le foto!!!

Marsha said...

Hi Ellen. The next time I see you remind me to give you my 'calling card'. Love your blog, it looks great and very informative.