Thursday, July 2, 2009

I had dinner Sunday night with Alice who was in my class earlier that day. At dinner, Alice told me that we were very near Piecemakers, a place she frequents for their lovely fabrics.

Since it was too late to go there on Sunday, I decided to make a detour (it was in the opposite direction of where I was headed) on my way out of town.

I was looking for some fabrics for a future WMN project, and look at what I found! I can't say enough about how helpful the sales staff was.

I leave you now with two more photos from my recent trip to California....more beautiful flowers and my Mary Wigham sampler on a surrey in Santa Barbara with the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop! What a beautiful part of the country!!


Dawn said...

Oh goodness! Beautiful fabric ~ love fabric shopping. What a beautiful beach scene. I love going to beach but Mike isn't big fan of it. ~ Dawn ~

Margaret said...

Lovely! I love those fabrics! And I love the surrey! What fun! Is that Piecemakers the same Piecemakers as the needles? Neat!

Anonymous said...

Great fabrics, Ellen! And what a fun picture of your sampler on the surrey.

With My Needle said...

Aren't those fabrics wonderful? Most are reproduction ones.

Dawn, Santa Barbara is so incredibly beautiful! You can spend days there and not even go in the water.

Margaret, Yes, this is the same Piecemakers. I didn't have lots of time there, and in my excitement about the gorgeous fabrics, I forgot to look for much more.

Gio, I had never been on a surrey before. We spent about two hours biking along the beach in beautiful Santa Barbara.