Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Knowing I'm very busy getting ready to leave on Thursday to teach in Austin, Tom brought home Chinese food last night for dinner. I thought that the "fortunes" in my cookies were quite interesting and relative.

The first one read, "Focus on the color purple this week to bring you luck." I usually am not a "purple-person", but my newest teaching piece with all the grapes and dupioni silk lining does indeed have lots of purple on it. Will that project bring me luck? (Thank you to everyone who left comments or emailed me about the project.)

The second fortune read, "An unexpected event will soon make your life more exciting." At first I thought, something great must be going to happen while I'm in Austin teaching. Oh goody! Then this morning, I thought...something exciting??? The fortune doesn't say if it will be something good or something bad. Please hope it is something good and that the trip to Austin goes smoothly. Air travel continues to get more and more challenging.

Please don't think that I'm obsessed and really believe in the "fortunes" stuffed inside the cookies...I just get a kick out of them.

When our son was little, I would make up "fortunes" for him. I called it "reading between the lines". I would make up things like "little boys who listen to their mothers are very fine indeed" or "he who drinks all his milk will be very strong". Stephen enjoyed my versions so much that after reading what was really written on the little paper, he would ask me to "read between the lines". Ah...memories!

My teaching suitcase is packed and ready to go, and once again my Call of the Sea model is in a plastic bag so that the airline security people can clearly see the fish bodkins without having to handle my embroidery. (Remember my posting from June 25, 2009?)

After Austin, I'm looking forward to spending a few days in San Antonio and seeing some old friends. I checked the weather down there, and it's supposed to "cool off"--the high temperatures will be in the mid 90's and not in the 100's!


Margaret said...

Enjoy your trip, Ellen. Whew, that's hot! As for fortune cookies -- you know they're American, right? Takes American genius to invent such a thing. :D

Patti said...

Love your new teaching piece and have fun in Texas. Love Patti xxx

Sandra said...

I used a purple to stitch your JCS ornament set of smalls, so I think your new teaching piece will be right up my street. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you will teach this when you come to the UK. Have a great time in Texas.

With My Needle said...

Hi Margaret..I can't believe that I never have given any thought to the the origin of fortune cookies. I remember as children that my sister and I tried to make our own using chocolate chip cookie dough. Obviously that didn't work very well.

Thanks, Patti, for the kind words on the new teaching piece. I am thrilled to have three classes for it already booked for 2010.

Sandra, who knows...maybe the new piece will be chosen either by the Sampler Guild or by Fobbles.