Sunday, July 26, 2009

Greetings from sunny and HOT Texas! I’m afraid the weather forecast I read was wrong, and it has indeed been in the 100’s every day! C'est la vie!

My two classes for the Austin Stitchery Guild went well. What a terrific group of needleworkers! It was so great to see old friends and make new ones!

One of the gals brought in three of her little stitched booklets for me to see! She had done all three in a beautiful red and now "only" needs to assemble them. I wish I had asked her to let me take some photos of her amazing work.

Texas is known for its barbecue. The photo of the cowboy boot was taken outside The Salt Lick, one of the best known barbecue places in the area. I thought the boot was very appropriate for Texas.

I learned Austin is also famous for its bats. (Who knew?) Over 1.5 million roost under the Anne Richards Congress Bridge, which is in downtown Austin.

At dusk each night, the bats take off to search for insects. As you can see from the photo below, quite a crowd gathers on the bridge. Many others watch from the ground and also from boats in the river. Today I headed south to San Antonio. For years I’d heard about the lovely Riverwalk, so I was delighted to finally be able to see it in person….walking on the sidewalks that edge the river and also taking a boat trip. Before I leave San Antonio, I hope to make it to the Alamo and to a local needlework shop.

Tomorrow night I’m having dinner at a steak house with friends. My friend, Connie, says this is the best steak house around. It should be a real treat as Texas is certainly known for its great beef. Connie is also going to meet me for lunch one day at a terrific Tex-Mex place.

Connie is a very proud Texan and anxious to show off her state. She has also told me where to find some cowboy items for little Haiden. I'm tickled pink because I believe every little boy needs a pair of cowboy boots. I left plenty of room in my suitcase for some special goodies for a very special young man.


Margaret said...

It'll be fun for Haiden to have some of his own cowboy stuff! You'll have to show us pictures. :D Glad you're having fun in Texas!

woolwoman said...

Ellen - give Connie a hug for me! I wish I was there with ya'll - I love Texas and have always had great times when I was there - even when Hurricane Rita stranded us for 4 extra days - it was so bearable being in Fredericksburg with all the yarn we could handle. I know you will have a great time picking out boots for the little cowboy - get them a 1/2 size too big so he can wear them longer - mommy can stuff some kleenex in them. LOL - YAHOO - Have fun! Mel

Carol B. said...

Hi Ellen -

Glad you are having a good time. Have fun tonight at dinner with the girls! Wish I could be there too!

Carol B.

omashee aka Barb said...

Oh, lucky you! Austin and San Antonio! Two of my favorite places. Wish I was there too! Have fun shopping for cowboy gear. Isn't the Riverwalk beautiful? Have too much fun!

With My Needle said...

I'm afraid that I didn't have any luck with finding little cowboy boots, but I did find a darling book, "The Brave Cowboy". The story is so cute!

I think I'll give Haiden the book the next time I see him and get some boots the next time I'm in Texas. (I know where to get them now; the place also has a website so that is another option.) Haiden will be more likely to appreciate the boots when he is a bit older.

I did find him the cutest stuffed dog that I've named "Puddles".