Thursday, July 30, 2009

On my recent trip to Texas my friend, Paula, from Lubbock suggested I visit the Texas Institute of Cultures in San Antonio. This museum examines more than 20 different cultural groups who settled in Texas.

With permission of the museum, I took some photos. Below are some I thought would be of particular interest to needleworkers.

The first photo is of a chatelaine. A chatelaine as many of you know typically consists of a clip attached to the waist and chains. Different items were attached to the chains depending upon the owner’s needs. Both men and women wore chatelaines.
If you are interested in reading more about chatelaines, here are a few websites you might find of interest:

The next photo is of a beautiful American christening gown. I hope you can see some of the lovely workmanship. The main focus of the next photo is a Greek crocheted chair back cover. Look at the wonderful grapes! On top of the crocheted piece are an embroidered placemat and matching napkins. Other embroidery is in the background.
Below is another example of Greek embroidery. The piece is worked in cross stitch. There was no museum label so I don't know what this piece is. Judging from the size and the finished edges, I’m guessing this is perhaps a piece to go on a table. Perhaps one of our Greek needleworkers can let us know for sure the purpose of this piece. The next two photos are of a beautifully beaded Polish vest. The first photo is of the front and the second one is of the back.


Dawn said...

I can't imagine doing those details. They're beautiful. Glad you had good time. ~ Dawn ~

Solstitches said...

Thank you for the peek inside the museum.
What a pleasure it must have been to be able to see these things close up.
The christening robe is just exquisite.

With My Needle said...

Perhaps the next time I'm in San Antonio I can make it to the Witte Museum to see their samplers.