Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Marilyn's round robin project, the Ackworth Friendship Book

Marilyn F. from Wisconsin recently sent me photos of her wonderful completed Ackworth Friendship Book. She stitched it along with 8 friends from around the world.  Each person stitched her own front and back cover and had her friends stitch the other 8 pages.

Marilyn wrote, I used 32 count Ice Blue Lugana, with Soy Luster floss in Egyptian Lapis. The floss has a nice variegation to it. The book is lined with the same fabric as the bag is made out of, and the inside pocket is the same material in a reverse color, a darker blue with light-colored vines. Sorry the pictures are kind of dark and/or blurry, but I just LOVE the colors together, as blue is my favorite color.

My book was worked on by the following people in a group Round Robin: Myself (Wisconsin), Cheryl M (Iowa), Marianne M (Kansas), Sue T (Michigan ), Lavon M (Pennsylvania), Amanda L (Australia), Mo B (Wales), Lynne M (Scotland), and Kathy N (Canada).

I enjoy opening the pages and reading the notes tucked inside the pockets from the members of the Round Robin. My book went all the way around the world!!

It was a joy to work on and a big finish for me. I love it. Thanks for a great design, and thanks for looking at my finish.

Marilyn, it sounds like you had a great time working your stitched book as part of a round robin. I also sent my pages around the world. Three friends in Cincinnati stitched pages for me along with friends in Florida, Kentucky, Arizona, Germany, and France.   I'm glad you liked the idea of putting special notes in the pockets. It's been a while since I've read the notes my friends wrote me. Perhaps I'll do that this afternoon.

This certainly has become a popular project for friends to make.  As you discovered, it's so easy to give or send a small piece of linen and thread to each person. Some people have stitched the entire book themselves and put photos or special momentos in the pockets.

As you probably have guessed, blue is one of my favorite colors also. I've stitched most of my monochrome samplers in blue. Our kitchen has deep blue walls and is decorated with blue and white china. What is it about the color blue that is so soothing?

You did a wonderful job with the assembly, and the fabrics you chose for your bag and lining are perfect! (How terrific to find two coordinating fabrics!) Thank you very much for sharing.

On May 9, 2009, I showed three other Ackworth Friendship Books from Marilyn's round robin group. Click here to see the stitched books Kathy, Lavon, and Cheryl made. Kathy recently told me we'll soon see two more books from their group. Terrific!! I'm looking forward to that.


Marilyn said...

Thanks so mauch for posting my finish Ellen. Thanks posting the link to the others also.
Aren't they all pretty?
There was a variety of colors, all very pretty choices. the Soy Luster was nice to work with.

Patty C. said...

Such lovely work

Siobhan said...

How neat! What a gorgeous keepsake--I love the colors, too.