Thursday, January 10, 2013

More Goodies from Denette

What a delight it was to receive these photos from Denette from Ohio of her completed Quaker Needlework Box and Blue House Needle Primer

Denette wrote, My work is just an example of how well you (and Tom) develop your instructions. They are so easy to follow. It helps that I am quite visual but none the less, the directions are incredibly easy to follow. Thanks again for helping me create wonderful keepsakes.

Thank you very much for the photos and for your kind words, Denette.  We take great care to provide very detailed instructions, and we pride ourselves on them.  After we have completed our instructions, we send them to two excellent reviewers who go over the instructions with a "fine-tooth comb".   This is an extra step we like to take to assure that what you receive is of the highest quality and is lacking nothing.  It's nice to hear that our efforts are appreciated.  Thank you!

A Quaker Needlework Box
(with needlebook, scissors weight, and two threadwinders)
Blue House Needle Primer Front
(The wooden hornbook and a mounting board are included with the chart.)

Blue House Needle Primer Back

 It is hard to believe, but a few months ago Denette was intimidated by the thought of assembling a three-dimensional project.  In the last six months she has also completed two teaching projects, A Lady's Worke Box and Call of the Sea, classes she took in the Canton, Ohio area.  I think she is "on a roll" with her beautiful finishing.

To see more of Denette's lovely work, just type "Denette" in the search engine (Search This Blog) on the left sidebar of this page.

After my last blog post, Kerri asked about a sampler that was partially shown above my fireplace.  Here is the sampler in its entirety.  Many of you may recognize Dutch Beauty.  The sampler is so large that the only place I could find to put it is above the mantle.  Also, because it is so large, I keep it in place year round and just decorate around it.

I'm continuing to work on the border of the Anne Maria Clarke sampler.  Three-fourths of the queen stitches in the border are completed!  Yahoo!  It is such a slow process!  My friend Margaret reminded me that there are more queen stitches in the flower baskets.  I don't think I'll mind them because the motifs will develop as I stitch those queen stitches.  I'm just glad that I decided to do all those in the border first, so that soon I can start having fun stitching this beautiful sampler.


woolwoman said...

Denette's work is amazing as are your instructions. DB is always fascinating to see and yours is exquisite Ellen. Hope your Anne Maria is giving you great pleasure. Mel

Margaret said...

Denette's pieces are just wonderful! Your Dutch Beauty is wonderful as well! I think you're so smart to get those queen stitches in the border out of the way. Like you said, it's grunt work. Ugh. lol!

Nicola said...

Your DB is stunning. I had a problem where to put mine too. We used extra strong fixings just in case as she is a heavy.

Barb said...

Dennette's work is beautiful and your sampler is amazing! I can see why you don't move it around.

Lili said...

How beautiful the stitching by Dennette. :)
Have a nice weekend!

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

oh que de merveilles ! c'est tellement beau !
bisous bisous

Karoline said...

Dennette's work is gorgeous

Shirley Hill said...

This is so beautiful.