Sunday, January 6, 2013

One Last Day

It's a dreary winter day in Cincinnati so I decided to spend the afternoon in front of the fireplace stitching on Anne Maria Clarke.  The fireplace looks a little bare as I have started putting up some of our Christmas decorations already. The majority of the decorations will stay up until tomorrow because I like to keep them up through the 12 days of Christmas.

It's been so nice to sit not only in front of the fireplace but also in front of our tree for a final time this Christmas season.  I'm so glad I moved the tree into our family room this year.  For many years it's been in the living room instead.

And then tomorrow everything will be packed away for another year! So this is our last day this season to enjoy the tree and other decorations, eat on our Christmas dishes, etc.

I'm debating keeping up my Williamsburg Village for another month or so. It looks more like a winter village, and I so love Williamsburg.   I may also keep the candles in the windows, especially now that I have switched to battery operated ones.  I wish I had discovered those before.  It is so nice to have them come on automatically each evening and then go off at bedtime.  We've even put the outside lights on a timer this year.  So, so nice!

I thought you might also enjoy seeing my progress on the Anne Maria Clarke (reproduced by The Essamplaire).  I have gotten in the outline of the border but filling it in is taking a long time!  There are two rows of queen stitches--that is a lot of queen stitches.  My goal dream is to have them all done by next week at this time.

Here is a close-up of one of the corner flowers.  I have one more to do.


Gabi said...

Putting the Christmas decorations away is a bit bitter sweet isn't it? I packed mine up yesterday.
Love your sampler. It's looking gorgeous.

Deb said...

The house always looks bear after taking the Christmas decorations down.

Your sampler looks wonderful so far, but my gosh, all those queen stitches!! I've never been able to master them, but they look so good on this sampler!

Margaret said...

Your home looks so lovely all decorated for Christmas. I always hate taking the decorations down. I love your Anne Maria Clarke progress. You can make it through those queen stitches!

Jackie said...

Your fire looks so cozy. I can see why you'd like to sit and stitch by it.

All those queen stitches! They're not my favorite. I think so many would push me over the stitching cliff. I must admit though that they look wonderful in the border.

Barb said...

Your home looks so pretty. I am leaving my Woolpets Village up for a time. It is more winter than Christmas and the house looks bare enough. We just took things down yesterday. I knew I would be a football widow today and I needed help so it all came down yesterday. Your new sampler is so pretty. I give lots of credit to people who can do the queen stitch. I can't seem to get it right. Have a good week!

Nicola said...

Everthing looks so bare when the decorations come down. What a gorgeous fireplace you have, a wonderful place to stitch.

Patti-Rocky Mtn Stitcher said...

Love this sampler. The queen stitch is my favorite so it might b a must have for me.

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Oh Ellen, I wish I was sitting next to you in front of that inviting fireplace. I'm so cold right now! I'm sure those queen stitches will get done. You can do it, you can do it! {Said in my best cheerleader voice}

Kerri said...

I am always sad to put away the tree each year. Ours comes down on New Years day each year.

I am struggling with one row of Queen stitches on my Dorothy Walpole, I don't think I am up to a whole border of them. But your's look perfect! I know you can do it, maybe you need to move to a more enjoyable section and take a break for a bit.

BTW - is that a huge sampler above your fireplace? Would love to see some more pics of your beautiful work.