Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kay Lynn's Sampler Honoring Her Family.

Last week I showed you the version of the Family Record sampler that my cousin Nancy stitched to celebrate the birth of her new grandson.  Nancy stitched her version on aida and added a border. Today I want to show you the version that Kay Lynn stitched for her daughter and her son-in-law.  Kay Lynn stitched the names and birthdates of her two young grandaughters making it a true family record.  I like the way Kay Lynn also added the year she stitched the sampler and the words "stitched my mom" to the bottom of her sampler.  Kay Lynn, this is truly an heirloom that celebrates your family!

Here is part of the note Kay Lynn sent me: 

I thought you might like to see my finished "Family Record" I stitched for my daughter, Lacy and her husband, Marlon for Christmas.  I kept it a secret while I was stitching, so it was wonderful to see her reaction when she opened it.  I stitched it almost as you charted.  I did change the color of the band above the deer to the lighter gold, and stitched the large initial, M, in the pink, since the children are both girls.  I love the pattern.  I would give anything to know how to design, but, I am glad we have people like you. 

I first found you when my sister bought your chart,  "Tokens of Friendship and Love".  She was having trouble with it, so I finished it for her.  It was such a sweet piece, so I looked to see what other things you had designed.  

I will send you a picture when I get it back from framing.  I love so many of your designs.  I just ordered the band sampler you stitched as a wedding sampler for your son's wedding, and "A Child's Prayer".  I also love the Scottish sampler.  I wish stitching was faster, there are so many things I want to stitch.  Seems as if all I do is stitch marriage and birth samplers.  Now, it is time to stitch some things for myself!

Keep designing more beautiful things for all of us to stitch.

Thank you very much, Kay Lynn, for your very sweet note and for sending me a photo of your lovely work. I know that your daughter and son-in-law were thrilled to see the family record stitched will be even more thrilled when they see it framed.  (Please send me another frame once it is framed.)  I love the fact that you were able to keep your stitching a secret until Christmas!


Annette-California said...

Oh Kay Lynn's sampler is GORGEOUS! What a Fab family heirloom to have.
thank you for sharing with us Ellen.
love Annette

Karoline said...

Kay Lynn's sampler is gorgeous