Monday, March 11, 2013

Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

Although our snow is nearly gone, I thought you might enjoy these recent photos of the beauty and fun times.

First from our home in Cincinnati.  Our driveway was once again cleared by our "snow angel".  What a surprise for Tom who had an early morning meeting at church and thought he would first need to clear our driveway.

View looking out the back

View from our front door looking down the street

A close-up of our weeping cherry tree

And now a view of Haiden enjoying the snow in Columbus.  (I think our daughter knitted his hat.  Check out his Batman boots.)

Garrett and his parents playing in the snow in Fort Wayne.

Yesterday, I think our temps hit 60 degrees, so about all the snow that is left in our neighborhood is an enormous snowball that some of the boys on our street rolled down the street.  The snowball  is so large that it may be there for a while.

I've heard more snow is expected this week--don't know how much.  I think we're just supposed to get flurries.  I love watching it snow from inside our house.  What could be cozier than sitting in front of a fire in the fireplace and stitching while watching the snow fall?  So let it snow, let is snow!


woolwoman said...

It was so neat seeing all that snow Ellen. As you know - I've never seen anything like that and I always dream of doing just that - sitting by a nice fire and stitching and watching it snow. Maybe some day ! Loved seeing the photos of your darling grandsons. Carolyn is quite the knitter to accomplish all the colorwork on Haiden's hat. Enjoy your week ! Mel

Margaret said...

I love all the pics of the kids enjoying the snow. Love Haiden's hat!!! And his batman boots of course. lol!

diamondc said...

Ellen: I love the pictures of your Grandchildren, they are adorabl.
Now about the snow, I have (and I am not kidding) four feet of snoe on my front lawn, I live in Minnesota, oh how I wish it would go away.
Your patio picture is very pretty even if it is snow you are showing.
BRRRR its a balmy 24 degrees today in Annandale Mn.

Happy Stitching

Barb said...

Your pretty snow pictures reminded me of Louisville. It looks like your adorable Grandsons were having fun in the snow!

Jackie said...

i don't think there is a snow covered street that I don't love! It's so beautiful. Especially when you have a snow angel!

The Batman boots are absolutely tops!

Annette-California said...

Oh you get to live in winter wonderland. Gorgeous scenery! I did get very cold looking at your photos:) Hayden's hat looks pretty and warm. How fun for your grandkids to get to play in the snow. Sounds so cozy to sit by the fire and stitch. love Annette

FlyawayJil said...

Snow makes my heart sing! I've truly enjoyed your beautiful photos!

Jarred Branch said...

Those are wonderful photos, just enough snow that make wonderful portrait and for every to enjoy! A wonderland for kids and dogs!

jarred & chloe the collie
Treats, snow & wood gates