Monday, September 23, 2013

Guess Who's Three?

September is certainly the month of birthdays in our family!  Within a two-week period, we have three birthdays, first beginning with our son, Stephen, followed by his son, Garrett, and then followed by Tom.

I  neglected to take a photo of our son on his birthday, but here are some photos we took of little Garrett on Saturday at a family celebration.  Garrett's actual birthday is today--he is now 3.  However, he is so tall for his age that everyone always thinks he is older than he actually is.

Happy birthday, Garrett!  I hope it has been a great day!

Next up for birthdays is Tom who will be celebrating his this coming weekend!


Margaret said...

Happy birthday to Garrett! He looks so grown up! I love that Mickey Mouse balloon -- wow! Hope he had a great time today! Happy birthday to your son, and also to Tom!

Barb said...

Such a cute little boy, wish him a very happy birthday! Also to your son and Tom! what a cute cake!