Saturday, September 21, 2013

Oopsy Daisey....

While cleaning out my email files earlier this week, I stumbled across a couple of wonderful finishes that I had neglected to show you earlier.  (My apologies to the stitchers Catherine and Val.)

The first photo is of Catherine's Adorn Thy Heart sampler, which she adapted to commemorate her 50th wedding anniversary with her husband, Peter.  Not only did Catherine include their names and their wedding and anniversary dates, but she also stitched where they were married and where they are living now.  In addition, she stitched the words Golden Wedding using gold thread.

Look at the happy couple 50 years ago on their wedding day.

And here they are today....

Catherine's local shop owner, Ann, sent in these photos.  Thank you, Ann and Catherine.  Ann's shop is Knowledge and Needles, in Brighton, Ontario (Canada).

Catherine, I wish you and Peter many more years of happiness together!

Next is Val's completed Long May She Wave.  Val C. took this class a few months ago when I taught for The Sampler Guild of the Rockies in Denver.  My model has a dog on it, but Val is a "cat person", so she found a chart with a cat and substituted it for the dog.  I think you'll agree that Val did a lovely job with this class project.  Thanks, Val, for sharing.


diamondc said...

Wonderful Sampler such an adorable couple, thank-you for sharing this with us.
I love the fact Val exchamged the dog for the cat I would have done the same.


Barb said...

The ladies have done lovely work!