Monday, November 24, 2014

On The Road Again

Since I last updated my blog we have been on the road to New Jersey/New York. The purpose of our trip was for Tom to attend the Eastern Analytical Symposium in Somerset, New Jersey where he received an award for his work in chemical separations.
I have lots of photos to share of Tom's award and of several nearby museums and other fun things. I'm going to split these photos into three posts and show them in chronological order.

We took a leisurely drive from Cincinnati to Somerset and arrived early afternoon a week ago Sunday. We decided to spend the afternoon at the Mercer Museum in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. (Doylestown is so charming, and I would love to go back to truly explore it.)

Henry Mercer began his collection of mostly pre-1850 American artifacts more than 100 years ago. These objects were rapidly being displaced by cheaper machine-made goods in the late 19th century. Mercer built the museum in 1916 to house his collection, which today consists of about 40,000 items. The building was quite cold on the inside because the museum has decided that having neither heat not air conditioning would be best for the artifacts. (We had left our coats in the car and had to go back to get them.)

There were lots of items hanging everywhere....including lots of chairs from the ceiling. (Unfortunately the chairs didn't show up very well in the photos.) Here are some photos I thought you would enjoy.


Barb said...

You must be so proud of Tom. I send my congratulations to him. I loved seeing all the wonderful artifacts at the museum.

LynnO said...

We love Doylestown, the Mercer, Fonthill, the Morvian tile works, the Michener museum, so much to see! Congratulations to Tom! Hope you will travel back to our area sometime soon!

Dorothy Hartel said...

Hope you made it to Movern in Princeton for the NJ sampler exhibit.

Vera said...

Congratulations to Tom! Great pictures from the Mercer Museum. We live not far from Doylestown (45 minutes or so) and love that museum. It is so crammed with things you can't possibly see it all in one visit. New Hope is another town nearby that is fun to explore.

Gillie said...

Thank goodness for these far seeing people. Must put the museum on the list. Congratulations to Tom.

Margaret said...

I have to find this museum and make a visit for sure! Thanks for all the lovely pictures!