Friday, May 29, 2015

Lots of Finishes to Share!

Grab a cup of tea, sit down, and enjoy these photos of some wonderful projects created by some very talented needleworkers.

Here are some items from Julie H. First is her Ackworth Friendship Book. Since Julie and I know many of the same needleworkers, it's been fun trying to figure out whose initials are on her various book pages. I got half of them right away, but I'm still working on the others.

Julie also completed Kindred Spirits. She was in the premier of this class last November when I taught for the Kindred Spirits Sampler Guild.

I saw both of these projects a few weeks ago when Julie brought them to Stitchville USA's Spring Fling. Thanks, Julie.

Next is Kim's Hannah Cummins, 1828. Didn't she pick the perfect frame to highlight her sampler?

Next are photos from Pam Z. The first three are of her Kindred Spirits project. Pam was in the same class with Julie last November. She is giving the completed worke box and accessories to a friend.

Look what Pam created using one of my Mini Quaker Samplings and snippets from my Quaker Pattern Book.  I love to see such creative finishes!!

Pam wrote, For this project I used 36 count HD Linen (LSL) in Vintage Tarnished Silver, and I stitched it with Gloriana Silk Northern Lights. The inside is a light blue Dupioni silk. My husband is a woodworker, and he made the double frame in Maple. It has a little magnet to close it.
      We live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and I am a member of the Kindred Spirits Sampler Guild. I am also a quilter and knitter. 
     I learned a lot from your fabulous instructions on Finishing when doing A Lady's Worke Box. So glad I took that class when the guild had you come teach for us last November. I plan to stitch more of your other patterns soon.

And last, but certainly not least, are photos from Barbara R., who lives in the UK. Barbara was in my classes when I taught at Fobbles in 2011. She and some of her friends get together regularly to work on the class projects.

Here is Barbara's A Needleworker's Sampler/Huswif.

And here is her Friends in Stitches project.

Thanks Julie, Kim, Pam, and Barbara for sharing photos of your work.  I'm just sorry that it's taken me so long to get the photos posted.

I think that I'm now caught up on posting photos that have accumulated in my mail box. If you've sent me a photo and haven't yet seen it on my blog, please resend it.


Marilyn said...

What gorgeous designs and projects.
And what a lucky friend to receive that gorgeous worke box!
Thanks for sharing the pics Ellen.

Barb said...

So much beautiful stitching!! Thank you so much for sharing the pictures. You are an amazing designer.

Barb said...

So much beautiful stitching!! Thank you so much for sharing the pictures. You are an amazing designer.

Sandra said...

Gorgeous stitching and finishing by everyone. Your post brought back fond memories of the class at Fobbles. I have just started your Work'd Pocketbook Ellen, I'll show you my finish in about 5 year's time!!

Marjo said...

They are all just beautiful!

woolwoman said...

amazing finishes from your fans Ellen. Thanks for showing the exquisite work and finishing skills. Mel

Sandra said...

Just an extra comment Ellen to wish you a Happy Birthday today, hope it's a good one.

Loretta Oliver said...

So many beautiful finishes! Congrats to all :)

(note to self: I need to make one of those worke boxes)

Annette-California said...

Gorgeous eyecandy!! Love all the beautiful finishes of your designs. The talented ladies out did themselves. love Annette