Thursday, August 6, 2015

Marilyn does it again!!

Things continue to be very busy around here. Last month Tom and I took a trip to the beautiful Canadian Rockies. Normally we don't take two trips so close together, but knowing that we are getting twin granddaughters this month, we wanted to get our travels in before hand.

While we were away I received photos from Marilyn V. of her completed Kindred Spirits. Marilyn took this class a few months ago when I taught it for Stitchville USA's retreat. I was so surprised to see her there because she lives in the Chicago area.

Marilyn is an exquisite needlework stitcher and finisher. Over the years she has taken most of my classes. Knowing her level of expertise, I think she takes the classes not necessarily for the instruction, but because she really wants the class project.

Look at her beautiful workmanship! Would you believe that this is the same lady who years ago told me she only made framed pieces and not "smalls"? Wow--what a turnabout she has made!

Thanks, Marilyn, for your photos.  I hope our paths will cross again very soon!!

Kindred Spirits is available only as a class project.  It will be taught twice more this year--in Seattle, Washington and in Shipshewana, Indiana. Both classes are in October


samplerlover said...

Marilyn has done a beautiful job on her class piece. By the sounds of it she has a beautiful collection of your pieces and loves to do the classes with you. I've told you this before lol, both you and Tom certainly get around. I know that you enjoy seeing different parts of our amazing world. I can understand why you have done your current trip though. I think your daughter is going to need all the help she can get for awhile with twins coming. I know that you and Tom are very excited.

Barb said...

Marilyn has done beautiful work. How exciting about the grand daughters. How wonderful! You will all be very busy.

Rhonda Polk said...

I really wanted to take the class in Seattle- but alas..things didnt work out, will be there in heart tho!
That is just so beautiful....what a wonderful finishing day !

Marilyn said...

What a pretty project.
A great design, and Marilyn finished it beautifully.

Margaret said...

Beautiful work, Marilyn! Love the pieces! Loved seeing pics of your Canada trip, Ellen!

Elisabetta Borgomainerio said...

Wonderful sewing set!

Marie said...

Wow, that is beautiful. Such talent!