Saturday, May 13, 2017

Here's Info (and Photos) about My Third Class in Williamsburg

My Needle's Worke Sampler Huswif  is my third class for this year's Christmas in Williamsburg Needlearts Festival. The class will take place over three consecutive days.

This project can be made as a sampler and framed or it can be made into a huswif.  A "huswif" or "hussif" is a folded or rolled case for holding needlework supplies.  Women often carried a huswif in one of the large tie-on pockets worn under their skirts.  The embroidery is the same for both the sampler and the huswif.  The project also includes a coordinating needlebook case and scissors sheath.  All of these pieces can be assembled by hand.

The stitches used are Algerian eye, alternating double backstitch, backstitch, barrier, Belgian cross, closed herringbone, cross, cross stitch over one linen thread, cushion (traditional and reverse slant), double-sided Italian cross, four-sided, long-armed cross, Montenegrin, mosaic, padded satin, Rhodes, rice, small plait stitch, Smyrna cross, star, straight, tent, Williamsburg, and zigzag stitch.

The kit includes charts and detailed directions for stitching and assembly, 36-count linen, silk embroidery threads, dupioni silk, a needle, and miscellaneous finishing supplies including overdyed silk ribbon, and three beads for closures.

Sampler and Huswif outside

Huswif (closed). Scissors Case, and Needlebook (closed)
Huswif inside, scissors case, and needlebook (back)

Inside of the Needlebook

The scrimshaw ruler and threadwinders shown in the third photo are not included in the kit but can be ordered at the class.

Registration for this class and others can now be done at Needle Art's Festival (click here).


deb said...

What an absolutely beautiful sampler, Ellen. Love that you give stitchers such versatile designs with the option of a band sampler on the wall or a huswif. Thanks for the chance to take a look.

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Barb said...

What a beautiful sampler and a wonderful opportunity to learn some new stitches.