Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Maidens of the Sea by Claudia

I don't know if it is summertime or my recent trip to the coast of California that has me longing to once again be near the water. Somehow it seems appropriate today to show a nautical project. Today's photos are of Claudia Ciceri's Maidens of the Sea. Claudia is from Bareggio, Italy.

Claudia wrote, "I've attached pictures of my latest finish, your gorgeous Maidens of the Sea. I love the sea.... and it has been a pure pleasure to stitch this pocket! So tiny but so detailed too... And the finishing is so smart! Just one piece of linen that folded can reach this shape... Gorgeous!

"As you can see, I had to change little things on it: no light blue seahorse wool piece and no seahorse golden charm on the fob... But I found the way to substitute them having the same lovely final effect!!! "

Claudia's first photo shows her case closed along with the scissors weight and the two fish threadwinders that come in the chart package. The wonderful fish on the scissors weight tassel is something that Claudia added herself.The next photo shows the inside of Claudia's case. Instead of the wool seahorse needlepage shown on my model, Claudia decided to add a third heart-shaped ring. Her fish threadwinders are peeping out of the pocket.The next photo shows the pocket. Claudia's hand in the photo gives you a clue about the size of this small sewing case.The final photo shows the sewing case opened to reveal both the front with the mermaids and the back with a ship and lighthouse.

I think you'll agree that Claudia did a beautiful job both with stitching and finishing her case and also with her wonderful photography. Don't you love the way she's staged her photos? Thanks, Claudia, for sharing your lovely work.


Margaret said...

Beautiful! Claudia is another talented lady!

Sandra said...

It's a gorgeous project and one that I have kitted up ready to take on holiday with me in a few weeks time. I hope I can assemble mine to look just as good as Claudia's.

Solstitches said...

Just wonderful! I just put the finishing touches to this set yesterday. It's a beautiful project - a real pleasure to stitch.
Please can we have more ocean themed designs :)

Jennifer said...

Love, love the fobs! The detail is so pretty including the heart thread holders! Just beautiful.

Jennifer D

With My Needle said...

Guess I need to come up with another nautical piece. I think I have 4 now, but 3 of them are teaching pieces.

Sandra, this would make a good travel project.

Solstitches said...

I'm in Spain with no chance of ever attending a class. I want to cry when I see those gorgeous nautical teaching pieces that are out of my reach.
Please, please design another nautical piece for general release. Pretty please???


Julia said...

Claudia did a great work. she's so talented.
I'm nearly ready to start my Maidens of the sea project but I can't find anywhere here in Barcelona, that blue piece of felt.
Ellen please, can you help me?


With My Needle said...

Julia, The felt I used for the seahorse needlepage is gray and not blue. It was just something that I had in my stash. Sorry not to be of more help. If you can't find a source overseas, I might be able to find one in the US. Please email me directly for ideas.

It sounds like there are at least 3 of you in Spain (Julia, Margaret, and Sheila). Perhaps one day I will be asked to teach in Spain. Wouldn't that be nice? It has been way too long (nearly 40 years--egads!) since I was in your beautiful country.