Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ackworth Friendship Book by Marjan

Marjan from Great Britain recently sent me photos of her Ackworth Friendship Book that she completed several years ago.

Marjan wrote, "At the first Ackworth event, Ellen very generously gave all attendees the chart for the Ackworth Friendship Book. I was determined to stitch at least one medallion at Ackworth, and managed to finish stitching the front of the book with Ellen's initials on it.

"I stitched the entire book myself (I know that some fellow attendees sent pages out to friends to have them stitched), and included the initials of friends from The Sampler Guild who were also at that Ackworth: Ellen, Linda, Laura, Bertie, Britta, Charlotte, Beryl, Katie, Wendy and me. Everyone apart from Ellen and me got to choose which panel they wanted their initials stitched on. I really enjoyed stitching this as it brought back memories of the event (we were put into a separate wing from everyone else as we laugh so much!) and I think this is really special because I managed to stitch one of the panels at Ackworth."
One of my memories from the Ackworth 2006 symposium was seeing Marjan stitching on her book. She had ample linen and thread with her to begin the project at the symposium. How's that for being prepared? I've seen Marjan stitching not only seated but also standing! No wonder she can get so much done.

It was fun for me to find Marjan's friends' initials on her book since I have met them all in person. Marjan, I am greatly honored that you chose to include my initials also. Thank you.

Marjan is an incredible stitcher. At the 2008 Ackworth seminar, she was putting the finishing touches on the Sharon Cohen stumpwork mirror surround that was in Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly. Wow--what a masterpiece that is!!

Marjan, I'm greatly looking forward to seeing you and other friends from The Sampler Guild when I'm back in England in October 2010 to teach for your guild. You all are terrific stitchers and so much fun to be around. You all keep me "in stitches"! We're going to have a wonderful time!


Margaret said...

Beautiful work. I do wish I could have attended the Ackworth seminars.

Bertie said...

Marjan is an excellent needlewoman and you will never see her without her stitching and always wearing her "diving goggles" of course. She might have her stumpwork finished with her tomorrow on our GTG and love to see that.