Friday, July 17, 2009

This week has been busy getting ready to teach in Austin and working on a new teaching project. (I'll post photos at my website shortly.) It's now Friday evening, and time to relax...perhaps with Mary Wigham and a cup of tea.

I decided to clear away the things on a table in my family room and put some of my blue and white teacups there along with a cute teapot and a wonderful pitcher that my parents gave me a few years ago when they downsized to a retirement home. It seems some of you are also partial to blue and white.
The walls in my family room are a lovely golden color which is wonderful as a background for my samplers. (I haven't counted in a while, but I think there are around 30 samplers in the room.) The golden color is so wonderful that I used something very similar for my office where my framed models hang.

The lace on the table is from my dear friend Giulia in Italy.My parents brought me the small Delft teacup from the Netherlands. Behind that cup is a fairly recent addition to my collection--the pattern looks like toile. The teapot has a large matching teacup at the bottom--that explains the two handles.
I find yellow and blue another wonderful combination. The window treatments in my kitchen have a golden yellow background and large blue roses. The walls are a deep blue. And look at these wonderful plates I found! I love the colors and the pastoral scenes.
I hope you will take time this weekend to relax, perhaps with a cup of tea and some stitching.


Margaret said...

I love these pictures of your home and your collection, Ellen. Those pull toys under the cabinet are wonderful, as well as your blue teacup/teapot collection. I hope you have a great weekend as well!

Jennifer said...

I collect Delft too. I love it! On my blog you will see a Dutch sampler from The Sampler Girl. Must stitch it if you like Delft.


Dawn said...

Oh my! They're beautiful!! I love how it look. I love the animals under your table. ~ Dawn ~

Karoline said...

It looks lovely Ellen, thanks for sharing

With My Needle said...

I had forgotten when I took the photo that I have more blue and white teacups in my kitchen. Perhaps someday I'll do another photo. I also have a couple of blue and white mugs and egg cups along with some wonderful platters that I have hanging on the kitchen walls along with a fair number of plates.

Jennifer, I only have a few pieces of Delft--the teacup in the photo, plus a plate and tile that we bought in the Netherlands a few years ago. I had the tile framed, and it sits on the counter as a trivet. The plate is one of those hanging on the wall.

The wooden pull toys have been so much fun to collect. None of them are old, but I chose ones that I thought looked old. I left tham out when Haiden was here last weekend in case he wanted to play with them--but he didn't discover them.

At Christmas time, I put the toys under our tree along with a wonnderful wooden train that was my son's. The train is walnut with cherry wheels. I guess I really should give it to him--right?