Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fruit of the Vine Sampler Huswif (a new teaching project)

Today I posted photos at my website of my newest teaching piece, the Fruit of the Vine Sampler Huswif. This project has 28 different stitches. It can be framed as a sampler or made into a huswif—the embroidery is the same on both versions.

The folded huswif, resting on its silk closure band, is in the upper right corner of the photograph below. The folded needleroll is to the right.

Just below is the huswif opened to show the inside. There are three pockets, a mattress-style pincushion, and heart-shaped threadrings. The scissors weight and needleroll are on top. The needleroll is open to show the inside.

To the left of the open huswif are the outside of the needleroll and an enlargement of three scrimshaw items that were specially commissioned for this project.

Lots of beautiful over-dyed silk ribbon is used for embellishment—in fact, nearly 4 yards. Several people have described the silk thread, ribbon, and dupioni silk colors as luscious.

A larger photo and detailed description are at my website.

I’m delighted that this class has already been booked in 2010 for Kansas, Ohio, and Georgia!


Margaret said...

Oh, it's just lovely! And so many stitches! I'd love to learn Montenegrin so I could finish a project I have. :D

Sandra said...

Oh Ellen it's just amazing, I love it so much. I'm going to see if can emigrate to the States.

Solstitches said...

Simply divine! There is not one With My Needle design that I do not love.
This one is a beauty. What a joy it must be to take one of your classes.


Sheila said...

I want to win the lottery and come to all your classes...I love this new design (seeing as I live in an area where grapes are grown) and also your sea/mermaidy designs (as I am also next to the sea).
Are your class designs ever going to be available to the public? I will just have to keep my fingers crossed and pray too.
I just finished the finishing on Maidens of the Sea, but the photos will be nowhere near as beautiful as Claudia´s.

With My Needle said...

Sheila, congrats on having completed your "Maidens of the Sea". I hope that you'll send me a photo I can post on the blog. Don't worry about the artistic composition. As you know, I don't do such myself on my products. We concentrate on the stitching. I am trying to become artistic with blog photos; some of these bloggers, like Claudia, are so artistic.

Sandra, perhaps I'll see you in England when I'm there in October 2010. Maybe some of the transplanted Brits may decide that that would be a good time to pay a visit back home. Wouldn't that be fun?

Thanks everyone for the kind words on the new teaching project. I wish you could see the project in person.

Hmm...Sheila...Grapes, the ocean---sounds like this would be a perfect project to teach in Valencia, right? I was last here in 1970 (or was it the year before?)