Sunday, September 13, 2009

Teaching in Michigan

What a great time I had this past weekend in Michigan teaching for the Livingston Lakes and Mill Race EGA guilds. The two guilds co-sponsored two classes in Brighton, Michigan.

Below are photos that Michelle took of today's class, Long May She Wave. As you can see, the ladies are hard at work, and they made wonderful progress on their flag needlecases.

Besides stitching, they learned about hornbooks and also had a brief history lesson on US flag making. They all seemed to also enjoy learning how to cut a perfect five-pointed star with a single scissors snip.

Denise brought her Bunnies in the Garden sewing case and a few others for me to see in person. The photos of her work, shown in my blog on May 20, 2009, don't do her sewing case justice. The beads are a wonderful addition and also give some weight to the case. Denise gave me a wonderful fob she had made. Thanks, Denise, for your kindness.

Thank you to all the ladies who made the two workshops so enjoyable for me and all the participants. Also thank you to the Mill Race EGA members for the lovely floral teacup and tea. I'll certainly think of all of you whenever I use the cup.


Colleen said...

It sounds as if a fabulous time was had by all. It has also convinced me that I need a weekend to get away and stitch. Your excitement and enjoyment of your weekend leap off the page. Now off to research hornbooks, I'm intrigued!

Solstitches said...

I dream of taking one of your classes.
It looks as though these ladies are just having the best time ever.