Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Floral Needleroll by Adana

Adana from Illinois sent me photos of her Floral Needleroll that she completed several years ago. Adana chose her own lovely colors, plus she added a twisted cord edging and closure. Isn't Adana's version beautiful with its cheerful colors? Look at the ribbon rose she put on the tip of the needleroll.

case closed

case outside, unfolded

Floral Needlerolls was one of my earliest projects. The title is plural because the product package includes directions for two versions.

The smaller version was stitched entirely over one linen thread and is approximately the same size as the antique that inspired this project. It was stitched using a combination of 32-count Dirty linen and Platinum linen from Zweigart, Inc.

The larger version was stitched using a combination of 32-count Olive Green linen and Light Sand linen also from Zweigart, Inc. This version is wider than the other one and was stitched over two threads except for the writing on the pincushion and on the needlepage.

There are two different color versions. Both were stitched using Sampler Threads from The Gentle Art were used. DMC color substitutions are provided.

These needlerolls were inspired by an antique which was probably Shaker. The antique has a badly worn bronzed leather exterior. On the interior are a wool needlepage and a leather pincushion.

photo of the antique that inspired the project, plus the outside view of
my larger needleroll and the inside view of my smaller needleroll

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Margaret said...

Very beautiful! I love the colors she used!