Monday, October 19, 2009

JoAnn and her daughter, Bethany, have been busy again!

In my June 22, 2009 post I showed photos of two projects that JoAnn of Ohio made for her daughter, Bethany, in Florida. Today I'm sharing photos of A Needleworker's Sampler Huswif from both JoAnn and Bethany. (This is probably my most popular class piece.)

Thanks to the internet, I've been able to follow their progress. Bethany's goal was to get her project stitched by the end of September so that when she went back to Ohio to visit her mother the two of them could assemble their huswifs and needlebooks together. Yippee--she made it, and earlier this month JoAnn and Bethany worked on the assembly together. I think you'll agree they both did an exquisite job stitching and assembling their pieces.

Bethany wrote, I thought I would send these photos off to you, I know how you love seeing your designs finished. Mom and I have really enjoyed our time together and this weekend was busy. We worked together step by step putting together your Huswif and what a wonderful time we had. Your instructions are like no other, even being away from this piece for months, it couldn't have gone any smoother. We both thank you for your talent and your wonderful designs.

front view of the huswifs and needlebooks

back view of the huswifs and needlebooks

view of the inside of the huswifs

Thank you, JoAnn and Bethany, for sharing photos of your beautiful work! I love the staging of your pieces to reflect the fall season. Also thank you for your very kind words. We work very hard to have very detailed and complete instructions, so it's always nice to hear that our efforts are appreciated.

I know you had a wonderful time together in Ohio and are looking forward to being back together very soon. Who knows--maybe I'll see you when I'm in Canton in May teaching for the Inn Stitches Spring Fling retreat. I know Kim is already making lots of plans for a great time!

Vaida, your blog give-away charts are now are their way to you in Lithuania. I hope you'll enjoy them.

It was interesting to see what charts the give-away winners chose. Janine from Australia chose My Needle's Worke Box and Agnes Scott. Patti from Great Britain chose Flowers for Lily and My Needle's Worke Box. Vaida from Lithuania chose ES's Floral Sampler and Tokens of Friendship and Love. Enjoy, ladies, and hopefully one day you'll have some photos to share on the blog.


Kim said...

These are great finishes! Love them!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

These are breath-takingly beautiful! and such a memory for mom and daughter having finished them together. What a treat for you, Ellen, as designer and teacher to see them finished so well. Just the joy they shared together was probably enough for you..
thanks for sharing!
babs in alabama

mariaerba said...

great finishes!!! i love this needlebooks
Ciao Maria

Tracey said...

Beautiful work!! I strive and hope to finish things this well someday..

Margaret said...

Oh my! Those two ladies are so talented! I envy them their wonderful mother/daughter relationship. So gorgeous!!

Vaida said...

Great finishes, and, the most wonderful, nice mother-daughter relationship!

Thanks for your kindness once more, I'll be on the lookout for the post :)))

Anonymous said...