Monday, October 18, 2010

Name that WMN project!!

So much for the best-laid plans!! My original plans were to ship my three new designs to shops on my automatic shipment program in early September. Obviously that didn't happen. I'm now hoping to ship the designs in a few weeks.

You may remember seeing Mrs. Waddelow's Needlework Basket last month. The package includes charts and detailed stitching and assembly directions to make a lined basket with an embroidered bottom panel, two threadwinders, a ruler, a scissors keeper, and a button bag. These designs are companion pieces for Mrs. Waddelow’s Huswif, which was released earlier this year.
Next is a sampler, With A Pleasant Thought. The inspiration for this original sampler was the lovely verse that I first saw on Alice Parr’s sampler, which is part of my sampler collection. Alice stitched her sampler in 1825.

Alice used the “long s”. It looks very similar to our modern day “f” except that the cross bar or nub is on the opposite side. The long s was used in the majority of books published in English in the 17th and 18th centuries. Although the long s was no longer popular in printed form when Alice stitched her sampler, she still chose to use it.

I found the way Alice had stitched her verse to be charming, and I decided to replicate it on my sampler. I charted all of the letters in the verse exactly as Alice stitched them. You’ll notice that there are some irregularities with the letters and the spacing. I also capitalized the same letters that Alice did. Do you see the one place where Alice didn't use the long s?

Today, many people find it difficult to read text written with the long s, so I’ve also charted the verse with more familiar short s. Choose the version you like best.

On my model I used Simply Wool threads from The Gentle Art. I've listed DMC thread substitutions on the chart.
And last is a wooden hornbook needleholder. In addition to the charts and detailed stitching and assembly directions, the package includes the cute little wooden hornbook and mounting boards.

Here are photos of both sides of the hornbook.

Now is where I need your help: I've tried for months to come up with a name for this project. I would like to convey that this is a hornbook for your needles, but the title can't be too general (like Hornbook Needleholder) because I'll probably be designing more of these needleholders in the future, and I'll need to be able to distinguish them.

If you have a good idea for a name for this project, please leave your suggestion in the comment section of this post. If I use your idea I'll send you a free copy of the product. Please leave your suggestion no later than 12pm (Eastern Standard time) on Thursday.


Julie said...

How about "Loving Care Needlebook". It's a beautiful design!

Stitching Princess said...

I thought of "Happy Home Hornbook", but I really like Julie's suggestion better.

Lee said...

I'm thinking Parents Pride Needlebook

Cristina said...

I thought of "Old ways 'Hornneedlebook'" - new word for a new project. Hope you are feeling better.

Carol B. said...

How about something like:

A Hornbook for Modern Times: A Cabin in the Woods

Each subsequent hornbook could start with "A Hornbook for Modern Times".

Another possibilty along that same line is "Hornbooks through the Ages: A Cabin in the Woods"....

Carol B.

Carol S said...

I think Checkered Needle Hornbook would be appropriate

Ine M said...

What about:
Needle caretaker
Needlecare Hornbook

Susan B said...

I agree using house or home somehow in the name would distinguish it from future hornbooks. How about "Gentle Home" or "Tender Home" since the parents cared for their child.

Susan B said...

All of your hornbooks that hold needles could have the group name of "N is for Needle" since hornbooks were originally used in schools.

Sandy said...

How about Parents Care Hornbook and Needleholder

Tedra said...

Hi Ellen - how about "A Child's Hornbook?" the verse is said from the child's perspective and has an alphabet on your needle page......

Tedra Raden, Phoenix, AZ

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

I'm enjoying the suggestions for this lovely little project...what came to my mind was "Home Sweet Home for my Needles."

Robbin said...

I was thinking of it as the 'This I Did Hornbook' so what about "This I Did Hornbook Needleholder"?


stitchenmylifeaway said...

I would name it "A Schoolgirl's Needlehornbook"
and I would certainly buy it. It's really cute.

natalyK said...

I like Needlehouse Hornbook! All of your new designs are lovely. I can't wait to get my stitching fingers on them!

Debs said...

How about " Alice's Blue House Hornbook" or simply "Alice's Needle Hornbook". I love that blue house and can't wait to stitch it. And your design is lovely.

Margaret said...

I love all your new pieces! I was going to suggest something that someone else already said. Boo hoo! (Parents care hornbook needleholder) Don't know if I can think of something else. Ah well.

Deb said...

How about A Child's Praise Needlebook since she or he (there had to be male stitchers somewhere) is giving credit to the care the parents gave them.

woolwoman said...

Love your new projects Ellen - that little sampler with the sheep is precious and OOH LA LA - Mrs Waddelows accessories are lovely. Looks like there are plenty of excellent suggestions for your hornbook needle minder but how about "Mind Thy Needle" - Good luck with your new designs - mel

Roberta said...

How does 'Parent's care, heart and home' hornbook.

Glad to see you posting again, hope you are feeling better. Love your new additions to your stitching designs.

Just Me and My Shadow said...

All beautiful Ellen. What about 'From Gentler Times' or 'Of Gentler Times'.

The ladies have come up with some great names.


Ellen said...

How about "Caring Needlekeep"? Love all your new designs!


Karol said...

The Love of a Parent Hornbook. Love the new sampler design.

Sandra said...

I have been thinking about 'Blue House Hornbook' or 'Three Hearts Hornbook' but I'm sure whatever you choose it will be a very popular project. Love the new Mrs Waddelow pieces, can't wait to get my hands on that.

Anonymous said...

Modern Hornbook With My Needles resting.
With My Needle Hornbook #1
Hornbook for my Needles
Hornbook design keeping needles so fine.
My Hornbook needle keeper

Bertie said...

Great designs Ellen, Mrs Waddelow smalls are lovely!!
Your new hornbook is gorgeous, cannot think offhand of a name for it, looks like you have got plenty of names. But I love to contribute; "ABC House Primer"
Hope you are keeping well.

Anonymous said...

(from not really anonymous-Zeena MacLean)

This hornbook designed
to keep needles aligned

Barbara T. said...

So many great ideas have been suggested, but I will add: "This I did..." Needle Keeper. Best of luck, Ellen!

StitchyWmn said...

Hi Ellen...what a delicious intrigue this is! My suggestion for this piece..."Comforts of Home." Wishing you continued success and love love love this new hornbook idea!

Julia said...

Hello Ellen, these are my suggestions:
Blue loving logcabin.
Blue Treasures.
Loving parents hornbook.
Heartfelt hornbook.
loving needles hornbook.

I love your new designs.

Laura said...

Hi Ellen, I like "Parents Loving Care" hornbook :). Your designs are just wonderful

Walfrida said...

I think in Bride´s First Home Needlebook ... when I looked ... thought in the first home of a bride ... Like "just Married"

Kathy said...

How about:
a Child's Needle Primer (a childs hornbook was also called a primer.)

Or a Schoolgirl's Needle Primer

Or Blue House Needle Primer

And if you do more they can be part of the Needle Primer series. A new stitching tool. :)

katkiley @

Sandye said...

"Nestled in the Trees" is what I think when I see it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, Love at Home Needle Primer.

Witch of Stitches said...

Two Chimneys House Hornbook

Katie said...

Sweet design . . . My thought for a name is

"Nestled Among Pines Hornbook"

Laurie in Az said...

How about The Manor of thy Upbringing Hornbook. It is a take off on the manner in which I was brought up.


a member said...

How about 'Parental Guidance'

Jo Ann said...

How about The Comfort of Home Jo Ann

stormybrew57 said...

I like things kept simple "Home Sweet Home" ! Your projects are very inspiring-Thank You, Beth N. (

LINDA Z said...


Amy Goddard said...

Tender Care Hornbook
Happy Home Hornbook

Robin said...

Hmmmm....great designs. I am sure you got lots of suggestions, but here's mine.....I've got the perfect one on the tip of my tongue and can't seem to articulate it.....
"Honor thy father, honor thy mother hornbook"
"Respect thy parents hornbook"
"A proper upbringing hornbook"
"Home Sweet Home Hornbook"
"The good parents hornbook"
Geez! I didn't read all the previous suggestions and hope I haven't repeated any.

barbara r-g said...

"The care my parents gave to me this Hornbook gives to needles I may need"

" A place to rest your needles with a Hornbook to rest a verse"

"Two gifts in one, a hornbook with a needle keep a useful treat for you from me"

harder than i thought, but always fun to mess around with words.

good luck

Patty C. said...

How about
"My folks pined for thee"

Good luck finding a title :)

Patty C. said...

Overall Theme "My folks pined for Thee" Sewing Accessories

Needle Hornbook - Piney Needles Hornbook
Thread Hornbook - Mossy floss Hornbook
Lace Hornbook - Leafy lace Hornbook
Scissor Pocket - Seedy scissor pocket
Needle Book - Oakey pokey Needlebook
Pincushion - Stumpwork pin cushion
sewing box - tree trunk sewing box

Ok - I think you get the idea :) My brain hurts roflol

Have fun thinking of ideas
Take Care

Christine said...

I like Kathy's idea of calling the whole series "Needle Primers", it sounds better to my ear than "Needle Hornbooks".
For this particular one I think I would go for "Blue Pines Needle Primer" or "Slate House Needle Primer" which makes a play of the fact that the house is made of slate and that children used to write on slates

Christie said...

Hi Ellen,

Glad to see you are up and doing much better. My suggestion is "How I learned my ABC's" or "Why I learnd my ABC's".


Ellen said...

Thank you to all who made name suggestions.

The competition is now over, and I will be making a decision soon.