Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nashville 2011 memories

My last blog post was made while we were still in Florida.  I had intended to post regularly over the next few days in order to show photos from the Nashville tradeshow and my class in Sarasota along with photos needleworkers have sent me of With My Needle projects.  However, "life got in the way".   Please bear with me.

We got home from Florida at around 9:00pm Tuesday night.  This is what awaited us in our family room.  (This photo doesn't even show the things from the trip to Florida or the tables and display grids we took to Nashville.  Tom got those in the basement before we made our very quick departure for Florida for his mother's funeral.)

We were so exhausted, both emotionally and physically, that we decided just to leave things as they were and tackle them later after a good night's sleep.

We are now slowly getting things organized, and  thankfully I only have one small box from Nashville and my teaching suitcase to still unpack.

Meanwhile, I thought you might enjoy some photos from Nashville.  The first ones are my table at Meet and Greet.

Any idea who these two designers are and why they're dressed as mermaids?  Can you guess that they are best friends and also a lot of fun to be with?

This is what my banner looks like.  It hung from the balcony railing outside my room.

Next are some photos of my room.  First, looking into the room through the window...

Now once inside...

Ann from Knowledge and Needles in Canada wanted me to see in person this gorgeous version of Mrs. Waddelow's Huswif that one of her customers made.  Perhaps you may remember seeing photos of it not too long ago on my blog.  Click here to see that posting

Gigi from Belgium stopped by a few times.
Maybe Gigi's name is familiar to you because of her lovely designs and also her work each year with raising money for UNICEF  or perhaps because of her very, very large stitching projects such as this one.  I believe all the designs on this massive piece are from Little House Needlework.

And lastly is a photo of me with my Italian friends Giulia and Niky and the Rovaris sisters who were exhibiting for the first time in the US. 

Wish that I had thought to take more photos...perhaps next year.


Giulia said...

Love you Ellen, we were so happy to be with you and Tom!!!

Margaret said...

Thanks for sharing the pics of Nashville. Looks like so much fun! I hope things have calmed down for you and Tom now and you can relax and stitch to your heart's content for a while. Again, my condolences to Tom and all his family -- including you.

Laurie in Iowa said...

Your room at Nashville looked lovely and inviting. Thanks for sharing your photos with us. I hope things calm down for you and you're able to get to some stitching.

Deb said...

Oh my goodness is that LHN piece from Gigi wonderful. I have seen her stitching before, but not that piece. I'm just awestruck. Just love your photos from Market. And I have to admit that it was your finished Elizabeth Mears that made me buy the pattern, fabric and threads. It was gorgeous!

Sandra said...

Your display looks wonderful Ellen I wish I could have been there in person to see it all. It must take an awful lot of preparation to get it looking so nice.

Anonymous said...

Merci Ellen talking and posting a photo of one of my "pieces"
also for the photo of me As I am not "photogénique"
I think that the french magazine that is doing an article on my designs will use it if that i allright with Tom
Love You both

janitam said...

amazing work, i love it, i love it

Anonymous said...
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